Violence At The Bus Stop

Bus stops are a favorite place for folks with no where to go to hang out.

Waiting for a bus
Wow – this poster!vpickering / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

I guess it’s because of the plausible deniability factor where outsiders (including cops) may not realize you are homeless and assume you are just waiting for the bus and leave you alone.  Course if you stay too long then it becomes suspect.  Smart free-sleepers move from place to place so as to not attract the wrong kind of attention.

So I’m with a friend today and when we drove past a certain bus stop he saw a youngish guy who also happens to be an alkie get punched out!   This happens more than you might imagine at bus stops.  I’ve heard stories…..

Someone I knew saw a woman get “twisted like a pretzel” by a cop.  I suppose she could have taken the cop to court but she is known to have mental issues.  The judge wouldn’t have found her to be credible.  That’s why I would never, ever try to get a crazy check.  A crazy check is where you say you have post traumatic stress syndrome or bipolar disorder so that you can get a disability check every month.  Once you get THAT label, you’re stuck with it.  You’d be surprised at how many people “out here” get crazy checks.  Seems like the gubermint is giving them out like candy.


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