Vans Are Better Than RVs for Stealth Living

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This is what the back of my van looked like over three years ago when I started my van living journey.  Those blankets are long gone and so are the back seats!  I thought I was being all stealthy covering everything up like that.  Oh and I love the clothes hanging in the window.

If you are new to this, I don’t recommend hanging clothes in your window.  It’s a dead give away.

The thing is, people very rarely get a peak inside my van.  The cops never knock.  My good friends aren’t that interested.  The rest just aren’t that nosey.

That’s the beauty of a van.  If you keep the outside of it, and yourself clean and neat, no one will ever suspect you sleep in there.

That brings up another topic.  You shouldn’t do much more than sleep in your van.  I live a normal life during the day, working, reading and writing at the library or coffee shops, visiting with friends, etc.  If you hang out in your van all day, you might get depressed or worse, you might attract attention.  And anyway, how are you going to go the restroom?

I saw an rv owner get hassled by the cops this morning.  It was early in the morning…around 730.  I figure the business they were parked in front of complained.

By the way, cops aren’t there to protect you.  They are there to protect things.  Things like business inventory and property.

So I don’t recommend RV ownership if you want to stay undercover, unless you want to get to know the cops really well.  And not in a good way.


Ha ha!  Oh wait.  Apparently this photo was taken at a Pride Parade in Portland in 2006.  I guess if you are “gay” you get special protection.  Hey, I was just looking for a cop photo.


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