Van Neighbors 2

The guy didn’t say much. She was my age and she was pumping me for information.  Acted vaguely as if she knew the neighbors.  Said she had lived in the city for 30 years. Assumed I slept in my van!  (I told her no-Gawd, do I look that bad!)  Asked me if I knew where she could get some pain meds!!!

THIS is the kind of free-sleeper I don’t want anywhere near me. A drug-addled, indiscrete fool. And the way she was talking, I think they are planning to sty awhile. Ugh.

I need to get my van out of there PRONTO.

In other news….

My work has been a little challenging lately. A lot of fires to put out but I’m hanging in there.

I will feel better when it’s warm again.  Anything is possible when it’s warm.  I’m just in survival mode until then.  Cocooning when I don’t have to be outside.

Riding my bike everywhere is hard for me mentally.  I can’t be invisible if I’m in public all the time.  I don’t fit in at all either.  I refuse to wear these skin tight legging almost all the women around here where.  Sorry world, I don’t think every Tom, Dick and Harry needs to know every curve of my rear end and my vagina. Sorry to be so crass, but really!  What are women thinking!?  It is no wonder they need anxiety and depression meds.  They are on display and being judged and catalogued constantly.  We are living in an over-sexed society.  I don’t want any part of sex with the eyes of strangers.

And if that last paragraph makes me sound like a weirdo then so be it.  Guilty as charged.

Finally, I THOUGH I overheard someone talking about me today.  They said something like, “I don’t know, substance abuse maybe”.

I have been plagued by this, ever since.  This person is a “christian”.  I thought “christians” aren’t supposed to gossip.  Does this guy realize that I ride my bike all day long in all sorts of weather to keep my jobs which give me money to buy food and that his idle words could ruin my reputation and harm my business and my ability to make money?  God please save me from your christians.

I might be PMSing.  I’m very emotional today.  Thanks for bearing with me.

One more thing.  I’m going to get together with a trusted friend tomorrow and he is going to go over my budget with me and help me get a game plan together for renting a room.

I have had enough of being in the fish bowl.



About Maureen, Living in a Van

I'm a free-sleeper living in a van in the prettiest part of the world. I do this partly due to financial circumstances and partly because I love a good adventure.
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7 Responses to Van Neighbors 2

  1. B says:

    I’m with ya’, about the leggings. Unless you’re under ten years old (and maybe not even then), leggings and yoga pants are *not* outerwear! Cover your butts, ladies!

    Ninety-nine percent of the time, someone else is not talking about you. Their lives is all about them and who they know. They aren’t paying any attention to you. And if they are? They just demonstrated how narrow-minded and ignorant they are, so who cares what they say?

  2. miranda says:

    You could offer the homeless couple advice on how to look less conspicuous. They’re in a tough situation and may not be thinking clearly. Also, you’re clearly bothered when people judge you, but you judge your van neighbors as well as women who wear leggings in the same post. I hope work becomes less stressful soon.

  3. Geezer says:

    In reading around the net , I find it’s not uncommon to regroup , and change venue for a time , so a room with a door you can lock securely and a little elbow room with privacy is a good thing .
    You can use the space and time to think what must change and relax with friends.
    ( and keep your lady parts just the way you like them )

  4. R says:

    It’s hard being around people all the time. As a woman, you feel it more than a man would. You value the opinion of others more.

    Those van neighbors were crass and obvious. But they have practice, and have been around for awhile. You should test them out, see what they know. It takes something special to survive out there.

  5. Cathy says:

    I have noticed that religious people are usually the first people to gossip about you or call the cops on you if you are sleeping in their neighborhood. They all suffer from “nimby” and it’s sickening. Less religious people usually don’t care and leave you alone. A lot of people also claim to be religious when they really aren’t. They don’t even realize that they are being hypocrites. I never ask for their help because I don’t want it. Just my opinion.

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