The New Normal

The photograph to the right is of a Jacaranda Tree.  I didn’t take this photo.

Living in my van gets easier all the time.  After over a year and a half of this, it’s almost mundane and I take more risks.  This morning I slept almost til 8 am which is quite late for me.  I usually get up and out of my sleep spot by 6 before everyone starts walking on the sidewalks and such.  I was tired though and the street was pretty quiet so I just slept in.

Before I move from the back of my van to the front, I fix my hair so it’s not too disheveled, look around a bit for people walking by, then I walk to the front (stepping over a bunch of  STUFF that has accumulated in there).  I don’t worry anymore though about being seen.  If I don’t act sneaky and suspicious why would anyone think I was doing anything wrong?  And if the worst happened, and someone called the cops on me, I’d be long gone by the time they got there!  So I don’t worry so much anymore.

Every sleep spot is a little different.  Yesterday’s spot was under a Jacaranda tree and all night long I had to remind myself that the bumping  sounds I was hearing were just the pretty purple flowers falling from the tree and hitting my van.  They were all over the van in the morning.  So pretty.  I guess I still jump a little at night when I hear sounds!

This morning I heard a (wild?) parrot flying around and shrieking.  They are noisy little buggers but I like the novelty.

I’m house-sitting again soon so that will be fun.  I guess for the last few months I have been sleeping in the van roughly 50% of the time and sleeping at someone’s house 50% of the time.  That’s a pretty good ratio.  I must admit, if I could stay somewhere for a few months, that would be awesome.  My van gets disorganized when I’m in it too long and I’m STILL nervous about cleaning it up, “in public”.  I need to get over it.

Lately when I’m out an about, I try to go to different areas than I used to hang out with my (X) boyfriend.  I feel slightly sick when I’m in the old area.  I don’t know why.  I haven’t heard from him in almost 2 months and I just hope he’s okay.  I also hope one of these days he comes and gets his stuff out of my storage unit.  His things are taking up about a quarter of the space!

I hope you all are well and that this blog hasn’t gotten too boring.  Below is a close up of Jacaranda flowers.  Aren’t they great?


About Maureen, Living in a Van

I'm a free-sleeper living in a van in the prettiest part of the world. I do this partly due to financial circumstances and partly because I love a good adventure.
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2 Responses to The New Normal

  1. Ryu says:

    No, no. This is a very interesting blog. Alot more people are going to be living in their vans in the next decade. You’re ahead of the curve. A better survivalist than most.

    The flowers are very pretty. That must be a once a year blooming.

  2. diozen says:

    Very inspirational blog you have. I am considering buying a used Prius and traveling along the CA coastline in search of near-utopia. I’ve lived in a car for a few weeks before, and it wasn’t that bad. But I was younger and more resilient at the time.

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