The Lord Giveth

This week has been okay.  At work, the big boss came to me about a problem with a report I was involved with.  I appeared to have missed something.  But it  turned out I hadn’t!  I was able to find what he was looking for and resolve the problem.  Whew!  The rest of the week was uneventful.  People there are nice, especially my immediate supervisor.  She works too hard…long hours.  Then she makes food for us too on Fridays. Enough about work.

Wait! I guess I should add that I am, of course, nervous that people at work will find out I’m a free-sleeper.  We use a big parking garage to park our cars in so that’s good.  It won’t be easy for anyone to peak in my van.  It’s an ugly old van and that alone could draw attention.  Work environments seem to push conformity and I’m not willing to pay the price to try to fit in more than I already am.  I’m different in so many ways.  I’ve already had a couple of comments on what I keep in the work fridge (vegies, it’s like they’ve never see a vegetable before) and what I eat.  I also wear a dress or skirt everyday.  That’s something I started doing this year and I don’t know if people think it’s nice or if they think I’m an eccentric freak!  Oh well, they’ll get used to me.  People usually warm up to me once they realize I’m good-hearted.

My friend’s father died last night.  I was fortunate to be with her when she found out the news.  It was sudden.  He died from complications with his Dialysis.  Damn Diabetes and Damn all these diseases.  Our people are so sick.  No one dies from old age anymore.  It’s heartbreaking.  They’re popping pills and getting “treatments” until the day they die too.  A tragedy!

My father died of cancer just a couple of years ago.  He got the usual treatments and it bought him another year.  It was a year of going to doctors and being uncomfortable.  He got alzheimer’s during that time too.  It runs in his family.  (I’m adopted so it doesn’t necessarily run in my genes).  If I get a disease I think I will forgo the “treatments” thank you very much.

Well the coffee shop is closing down so I’d better run.  Nighty nite!


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I'm a free-sleeper living in a van in the prettiest part of the world. I do this partly due to financial circumstances and partly because I love a good adventure.
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  1. Ryu says:

    That’s true. I often think that hospitals are the worst place to go, unless one has a broken bone or something needings stitches. They’re good at treating that sort of thing.

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