The Face of Evil

I heard the other day that one of the guys that escaped from prison in upstate new york is “the face of evil”.  Sure he is.

Because I just ran across this article which I don’t believe is being trumpeted every hour by the mainstream media.  This so-called human picked up these missing teenage girls, made prostitutes of them, ran one of them over TWICE in a drug deal gone wrong and left her on the road to die.

But you probably didn’t hear about THAT story.  Just saying.  Sometimes things need to be balanced out a bit.  In a healthy society we would hunt down criminals who harmed children.  Or at the very least yell it from the rooftops.  Instead, we are guided by the mainstream media into ignoring this sort of crime.  It’s called a media blackout.

Did you know that in England a couple of years ago, young girls were lured into prostitution by newly arrived immigrants and it was IGNORED by the social services agency because the social workers were afraid of being called racists?  This has got to stop.

I should stop reading the news first thing in the morning.  It makes me grumpy.

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  1. Ryu says:

    Best to not read the news at all. It’s just entertainment now.

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