The Crazy

So something happens frequently when I go to the free food places.  I start having a conversation with someone.  The first one and a half to two minutes go fine.  Then suddenly, something goes ker-pluey and suddenly the person either starts going into way too much detail about their life, ranting and raving about how a relative stole their money, their house, their inheritance etc. (a very common story…perhaps true in some cases) OR get highly defensive about at some minor thing I’ve said or asked them.  I mean unusually defensive.  It’s rather jarring when this happens.  Fortunately, most people like that move away from me (they probably think I’m the crazy one, ha!) well the defensive ones do anyway and only glare at me from across the room.

Thank goodness I have friends on the outside or a few months of this WOULD make me doubt my sanity.

Anyway, we had salmon the last couple of days for breakfast.  It’s an odd breakfast but I hardly ever get salmon when I’m paying for food myself.  To get it at a restaurant would be pretty expensive.  We had salmon, mashed potatoes, canned vegetables and dried out pizza.  I skipped the potatoes and pizza.  I’m all about protein and vegies for vitamins.  The coffee is always good there.  I can’t stand the “upscale” coffee you get at coffee houses.  It’s bitter.  I don’t know why people like it.  Who would have though I would prefer free places where homeless people hang out for my food and coffee needs!  It’s always entertaining, that’s for sure.

There’s this one guy who gives loud speeches (occasionally they almost make sense).  He probably hasn’t had a shower in years and he stinks!  Today, though, he showed up with dreadlocks in his long hair.  He won’t take a shower but he’ll sit and dreadlock his hair.  How long does that take?  The photo below is from the internet.  For the record, I think dreadlocks are disgusting.  Sorry! (Not really!)

white-dreadlocks-20Working today.  Also, later this month I’m going to help a lady who eventually plans to hire me to help her with her dog rescue non-profit.  I volunteered to give her a few hours of my time at the beginning of the endeaor since it will take her a while to get her funding.  I will only do computer stuff and I’m not going to do too much for free.  I am a little afraid of getting taken advantage of.  She is actually a client of mine and she has always been generous but still….no need to be stupid and I’m sure she will be paying herself as soon as she is able.

There are SO many non-profits.  I think that often it is a legal way to scam people.  We’ve all heard by now that only 5% (please correct me if I am off on this) of the money collected has to go directly to the people or animals you are helping.  This lady isn’t a scammer but she is older and I think it is getting harder for her to find jobs so she is doing this in order to make her own job.  I don’t have a problem with that.  There aren’t many ways left for average people to make significant money in this country without going into a significant amount of debt.  So if it’s legal, why not?

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I'm a free-sleeper living in a van in the prettiest part of the world. I do this partly due to financial circumstances and partly because I love a good adventure.
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6 Responses to The Crazy

  1. geezer says:

    The pro bono work would look good on any resume ( from the dog rescue non profit ).
    You ARE constantly updating one ,are you not ?.

    Perhaps you should start your own non profit for the care of older folks
    ( how much worse than dog sitting can it be ? )

  2. geezer says:

    Sorry , that wasn’t meant as a “slam” , just as a component of ” Plan A/B”

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