The Colony

Well it looks like the gated office complex I lovingly call The Colony will be under new ownership soon.  This means we probably won’t get to sleep there anymore.  Ha!  I was just actually getting used to it!

One of the ladies, D, is really afraid because this it the only place she has ever parked to sleep.  I was able to share with her my techniques for Stealth Sleeping in a very matter of fact way.  I told her NO ONE has ever bothered me while I was Stealth Sleeping and that with the cold weather we’re getting, it is unlikely that anyone will even be out and about very much.  Next time I see her, I will share more with her such as not parking in the same place more than 1 night in a row and things like that.

She has a couple of challenges I don’t.  She is in a car so she is not sleeping below the windows like I am and also, her windows aren’t tinted like mine are.  I told her she should be fine if she keeps the blanket over herself….including even her head.  She just needs to be stealthy.  I am thinking about giving her one of the black sheets I bought a while back to put over her blanket.  Darker colors are better for Stealth Sleeping in your vehicle.  I will also tell her not to drink liquid too late in the evening so she doesn’t have to get up to use the restroom and draw attention to herself.  I have also told her, stay away from most homeless people!  She told me about some of the stuff she has seen that scares her….and I think it changes her perception of the world a lot.

One of the things that is really great in my life is the fact that I have a best friend, C, here in town.  We were friends before I started free-sleeping and she doesn’t judge me at all for it…I think she thinks it’s kinda cool.  She helps me with things and sometimes I help her too.  It keeps things NORMAL.   If I was alone or with homeless people all the time, I might start to get a little mentally sick.  After all, the elderly have a very high suicide rate and most believe it is because of isolation and because they feel unneeded.  Relationships are so important!  I am going to suggest that D makes more friends.  It might save her sanity.

Here’s an article about homelessness and how the city (a city not far from me) is dealing with the problems that can come with it.

Ya know, I think the problems are caused by drug and alcohol addiction more than they are by “homelessness” but what do I know?

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I'm a free-sleeper living in a van in the prettiest part of the world. I do this partly due to financial circumstances and partly because I love a good adventure.
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4 Responses to The Colony

  1. Ryu says:

    I was just musing to myself what would happen if the colony closed down. And now it is happening.

    I wouldn’t be afraid to ask to stay. Who knows – maybe you could convince the owners that you guys would keep thieves away? Its cheaper than a security guard.

    Kicking the homeless out of an area is the new trend. New York City did it big time and now it’s Emerald City, an elite playground. Alot of negative comments in that article.

  2. Maureen says:

    It’s a very complex issue and like I mentioned, it’s more of an alcoholism/addiction issue than anything.

    I don’t worry about myself because I have a safety net but I don’t like to see the soup kitchens close down. In fact, if someone wants to give away free food, it’s really no one’s business.

    Do they want these people dying in the street? Will that make them happy?

    I understand that the alkies and druggies are unsightly. If they are so concerned about it they can ACTUALLY do something about all the drugs coming into this country. How about THAT for an action plan?

  3. mac says:

    That gettin’ up in night thing to pee, works for male / female with a plastic coffee container. In time more than one is sort of handy as they will require cleanings.

    Not too sure how that will work in a car, but it works in a van easy.

    Also once I had a pick up with bucket seats I installed. My wife can’t seem to pass up a ladies room at any gas stations. She is a Army brat with 4 sister siblings and of course mom and her dad wanted every one to get it together, which of course didn’t happen 😀

    And I didn’t like all the stopping either. So I removed a std plug in the cab floor made of rubber, and added a oval shape funnel I found to a snug fitting hose, which i jammed thru the floor. This stopped many roadside stops. She figured out a means to get the task done.

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