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Homeless Gal Goes On a Diet

I’m Maureen from the Living In My Van blog.  I’ve gained around 60 pounds since I started free-sleeping in my van and it’s time to take them off.  On the page I will show you the good, the bad and … Continue reading

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Sleeping On Concrete

born1945 / Foter / CC BY If you need to sleep on concrete and all you have is a sleeping bag or blanket, you will want to get yourself a large piece of cardboard.  In my area it is fairly … Continue reading

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Real Life Van Dwellers

I’d like to feature other folks who live in their vans, here at Living In My Van. I already know I have a great group of readers and commenters so I’m sure I also have some awesome van free sleepers … Continue reading

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Homeless Encampment Accidentally(?) Destroyed

A man made a shelter in the woods and the city tore it down after seeing it in a newspaper article.  The city claimed they thought it was an “abandoned site”    

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Sleeping In

I stayed up kind of late (til around 11 pm) with C last night.  She’s a night owl.  It isn’t unusual for her to be up until 2 then sleep till 10 or 11 am.  I am in bed as … Continue reading

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