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Housing Search

So I am going through the motions of trying to find an apartment that will take my veteran housing voucher.  A lot of landlords won’t accept the voucher as it is associated with HUD and people on HUD don’t exactly … Continue reading

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Hiding My Van Status

Even after almost 4 years of living (sleeping mostly) in my van, there are still challenges.  I seem to feel the hardness of the van floor a little more than I used to.  I DID take the carpet out a … Continue reading

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I’m doing pretty good working for the non-profit, so far.  The lady I work with isn’t very good with computer things so it is nice to be needed that way.  I had a little struggle with something right off the … Continue reading

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Ugh. I have been dealing with an agency again regarding housing. How is it so many people get free housing but I seem to have to prove I make $25,000 a year to get it help with housing? Seems like … Continue reading

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