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Scary Night in The Van

Alan Cleaver / Foter / CC BY Well it finally happened.  2 guys were circling my van in the wee hours of the morning (still dark).  I woke up to it.  I was kind of confused (it takes me a … Continue reading

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Don’t Check Your Brains At The Door

I’ve noticed that many of us humans like to let others do our thinking for us. Perhaps it is a survival strategy. From what I can tell, groups have a better chance of surviving and thriving than individuals on their … Continue reading

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Decriminalizing Drugs

I thought this was an interesting article. Almost 15 years ago Portugal decriminalized drug possession and use and encouraged people to connect to their community. The article doesn’t really go into how they helped the drug addicts connect to their … Continue reading

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Saturday Church and Reading at Night-POLL!

Went for breakfast (coffee!) and got my laundry washed at a mega-church in the area.  Almost everyone is very nice…with the exceptions of a few grumps.  I don’t know what some people are so grumpy about especially when THOUSANDS of … Continue reading

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