A friend was telling me the other day how interesting he thought it was when he saw this homeless guy picking up used cigarette butts off the ground and smoking the tobacco that was left of them. 

There is actually a name for this and I have actually helped a friend do it.  It is called sniping cigarettes.  It’s gross and humbling but it’s also resourceful if you don’t have any money and you want to keep up your nicotine habbit. 

The thing is, as far as this activity goes, I am glad I have had some of the experiences I have had.  I have sniped cigarettes and I’ve eaten at soup kitchens.  I’ve had a run in with cops and I’ve slept in a vehicle off and on for almost 3 years.  I’ve even been dirtier than I like sometimes because I didn’t want to deal with the gym people.  I have fished around in trash cans for recyclable bottles and cans.  And what do you know, the world didn’t come to an end.  I survived. 

It’s good to know I can survive under harsher conditions.  It gives me a certain kind of confidence BUT I do not want to do it forever.  It is a challenge that I have met and now it is time to transition into something different.

Some what consider my a pretty strong person for having done these things but I still have so many weak areas.  As you know, I am often afraid of what people think of me.  I’m going to push myself in this area and GET OVER IT once and for all.  I have given it too much power. 

As they say, you have to push out of your comfort zone.  For one thing I’m going to start actually start working out at the gym and stop thinking about what people are thinking about me.  I’m just going to focus on my workout.

With my business, I’m going to ask for the sale.  I’m going to approach people and not worry about rejection.  I’m going to smile, even though my teeth aren’t California perfect. 

I’m going to laugh more.  Life is too short to be serious all the time. 

With my friends and family, I’m going to do what is best for me, even if sometimes they don’t understand. 

And some day, when I’m making enough money, I’m going to live in a non-vehicle home again.

Honestly, I’m enjoying almost every minute of this journey.  It’s fun learning more about life and about myself and what I’m capable of. 

I hope you all find a way to make your life challenging and interesting.  Why not start today?

About Maureen, Living in a Van

I'm a free-sleeper living in a van in the prettiest part of the world. I do this partly due to financial circumstances and partly because I love a good adventure.
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One Response to Surviving

  1. Ryu says:

    Interesting. Now we know what sniping is.

    The hard part is that one loses the ability to rough it as he makes more money. People get soft, then they can’t handle being dirty or smelly anymore.

    No one cares at the gym. Do what you want, as everyone’s in their own world. You could do just about anything, and no one would notice.

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