Summertime and the Living’s Easy!

Ok, it’s not summer yet….not even spring but it sure feels like it in Southern California.

It was almost 60 degrees when I went to bed last night and the night before.  When I woke up yesterday morning, the site of twin morning glories (flowers) met my eyes out the window of the van.

Van living is starting to feel really easy now.

Course, with the warmer weather comes more pedestrians but they can rarely see inside the van.  I’ll just have to be careful…not get too sloppy.  Last night I felts so comfortable with the spot I was in (it wasn’t in front a house but it was near houses) that I talked with a friend on the phone until nearly midnight.  How cozy! Maybe a little sloppy!  Usually I sit in a parking lot for phone convos, then go to my sleep spot.

Just for the record, I haven’t had one knock on the window of my van while I was sleeping…no cops, no nosy neighbors, no one. It’s been 4 months since I started free sleeping in my van….minus the days I’ve spent housesitting.  Thank you God for keeping me safe and warm!

Forgot to tell you guys….one day I decided to nap in the van during the day.  I can’t remember why but for some reason I lay down on the middle seat.  I was parked in a stupid spot.  It was at one of the libraries I go to (not my go-to library though) and I knew it was a dumb spot because I had seen the cops hassling a man there before because there’s a recreation center there with lots of kids around and you know how that goes.  (They shouldn’t have hassled the guy….all the kids were in school!)  Anyway, I woke from my delicious nap and right at that time a cop was getting out of his car right next to me and his eyes were facing my van.  It seemed like he looked me in the eyes but I’m not sure…my windows are tinted.  He didn’t seem startled or anything so I don’t think he saw me.  If he did, apparently I didn’t look dangerous to children so he didn’t question me.  Whew!  Funny thing is, I’d seen him before…eyeing me at the coffee shop one day.  Eyeing me like a potential date, if you know what I mean.  So perhaps I could have charmed my way out of trouble, who knows?!  Never hurts to have cops like you, I suppose.

Yesterday I got busy working on improving my money situation.  I filled out a job application for my gym (their website says they have openings!), made a new flier for housesitting, put an ad on Craigslist for same and asked some people to rate my business on  Pretty productive for me since yesterday was my busier day work-wise.

I’ve put my online university course on hold for now.  I really wanted to do it but it’s just not my top priority now.  As it is, I’m going to be bringing my car back to the shop today to find out what is STILL wrong with it.  Hopefully some cheap ten dollar hose. (Please, God?)

I haven’t even been reading my regular blogs in the last couple of days…that makes me sad but I can’t let myself fall off the cliff here.  Now that I’ve conquered most of my fears about free sleeping, it’s time to work on some other challenges.  Like getting a JOB!  And KEEPING a job.



About Maureen, Living in a Van

I'm a free-sleeper living in a van in the prettiest part of the world. I do this partly due to financial circumstances and partly because I love a good adventure.
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9 Responses to Summertime and the Living’s Easy!

  1. Charles says:

    Sounds like you are getting your mind in the right place, glad to here you’re getting confident in your abilities. Good luck with the job hunting.


    Life should be Fun

    • Maureen says:

      Thank you Dear Charles. It’s getting fun. Might as well enjoy things while I can before I have to work a job…yeck…hate jobs!

      But today is today and life is good. Thanks for coming by so faithfully!

  2. Charles says:

    Don’t know how I missed the whole paragraph about the nap (skim reading?), but body language triggers a lot of questions. When it comes to cops, act like you belong, meet there eyes nod/smile (I’m a guy,won’t be flirting), wave and do what ever you are doing. If you look away, act scared, you will most likely get questioned. I was Security Police in the USAF in the 70s and someone acting strange got our attention quicker than anything else.

    Life should be Fun

    • Maureen says:

      I think you missed that paragraph because I updated the post a few minutes later, while you were commenting. Hehehe.

      I’m not sure how to act around cops. I’m afraid if I smile and nod at them too often that they’re remember me…and I’m not sure if that is a good or bad thing. Good thing?

      • Charles says:

        Being mean to an old man, that’s not nice. A good cop will remember most anyone they see often, it just get’s their curiosity up when you act like you’re doing something wrong, think about your kids when they where young, same thing, cops interact with strangers all the time and watch for signs, they have to, job demands it.

  3. Ryu says:

    Good luck with the job hunt. I think you’ll do alright.

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