Stuff To Do!

Hi Guys and Gals.

I’m house sitting this weekend. Yay, extra money!

I don’t have a lot of social stuff planned so what I’d LIKE to do is sit in the house all day surfing the net but THAT’s not healthy so instead, I will attack my to-do list which is a mile long.

Some of the to-dos include:

Getting more stuff I’m not using out of my storage unit. I need to make space, as I want my storage unit to be like a clothes closet. I will go there every two or three days to get clothes….maybe everyday. I used to worry that people would notice me going to the storage unit a lot and figure out I’m a free-sleeper and ??? What I found out though is that in my city, people are really into themselves and they aren’t paying attention to what I’m doing. I’ll still watch my back…I’ve always been pretty vigilant about my safety, but I think going to the storage every couple of days will be okay. It also seems to me that it’s a good place clean out my van a little. I hate doing that out in the public eye.

Talking to a friend about making me a platform to put my “bed” on in the van. I am nervous about this because this friend doesn’t know I have lived and will live in my van again. I’m afraid it will make him sad. A lot of men friends that I have told have been supportive but they are always trying to get me to get a better job etc. so I don’t have to stay in the van anymore. Isn’t that sweet? Men are so nice! Anyway, he is a carpenter and the logical choice for this project. I don’t know if he’ll have time to complete it before I’m back living in the van or not but it doesn’t matter. I need to get the ball rolling.

I need to get either an air mattress or a futon bed for the van. The back bench seat isn’t super comfortable and I must find a way to sleep horizontal in the van, so I can get some leg room! The reason I am thinking about a futon bed (without the frame, of course) is because it seems like it might be more comfy than an air mattress. I’ve never slept on an air mattress before. Are they comfortable? So I guess I need to do more research on comfort and measure the area I want to cover. Maybe a futon bed would be too big for the area.

I need to take the back bench seat out of the van. I don’t want to do it because it means I have to find a place for all the things I keep behind it. (Storage unit, of course!) I would like to sell the back bench seat for two reasons. I would like the money, but mostly I don’t know how else to get rid of it!

I have a lot more items on my to do list but this these items will take up a lot of my day, so I won’t bore you with the non-van related items.

Finally, Mooch made a video where he mentions me and this blog. In case you don’t know, Mooch is a homeless entrepreneur living out of his car in the Los Angeles area. He helped my create this blog and hosts it for free on his server. Like I said, men are so nice! 🙂

About Maureen, Living in a Van

I'm a free-sleeper living in a van in the prettiest part of the world. I do this partly due to financial circumstances and partly because I love a good adventure.
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2 Responses to Stuff To Do!

  1. Charles says:

    Air mattresses make you sweat, need something to insulate you from it, didn’t like sleeping on one, but everyone is different. Do you like a FIRM bed, memory foam of different thicknesses are available at Wal-mart, 1.5 to 4 inch thick, twin to king. Lay or attach it to the bed foundation that the friend builds, trim to fit, cover with sheet. Still fitting out my van, will construct my bed this way, can add thickness as needed. Been in van now for a month, just couldn’t stay at families any longer, to many people, to close.
    Good luck,

    Life should be Fun

  2. Michelle Phillips says:

    Air mattress don’t only sweat….. if you get a leak in the middle of the night? Ugh. Not good. If you get one just buy 2 so this doesn’t happen.

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