Staying Hungry

A commenter thinks my being “on the street” makes me more alert and less likely to sleepwalk through life.

I’m not sure if that is true or not.  I live in a pretty safe area so I don’t feel like I need to watch my back all the time.

There are situations where I do have to watch my back.  The other day when I was at my storage unit, a gangster/ghetto looking Black guy drove up in a car, playing loud rap music.  He kind of stuck out.  I’m sure someone will look down on my for this but frankly, I feel he had a look about him that spelled trouble and since there weren’t any other people around, I decided I didn’t want to be alone there with him…so I left the area.  Better safe than sorry.  Two days later I heard about an older White lady in another state being attacked and killed by a thug in at storage units.  I believe she worked there but that hardly matters.  I would rather hurt that guy’s feelings, let other people think I’m a “racist” etc. than become a statistic.

Anyway, what situations like that do is confirm to me that I want to insulate myself and my family, as much as possible from being in situations like that.  If I had plenty of money, I doubt I would even HAVE a storage unit.  I certainly wouldn’t be going to it everyday for an hour like I do now.

The only way to avoid the HUD housing crowd is to live in areas where they aren’t.  That motivates me to make lots of money.

O/T  Here’s what I’m listening to today.

I also love Tim Ferriss, Brian Tracy and Dan Kennedy Youtube videos.  I convert them into MP3s using   Then I listen to them on my phone while working or driving.



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I'm a free-sleeper living in a van in the prettiest part of the world. I do this partly due to financial circumstances and partly because I love a good adventure.
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3 Responses to Staying Hungry

  1. Ryu says:

    STill, you have to be far more aware than average. Just selecting a place to park and then being able to relax enough to sleep in public is a big step. I admire you for it.

    Insulation will be impossible unless you become very rich. The US is well on the way to becoming a third world country. “Rich” starts at like 50 million net worth. The middle class are not rich, and are just as in danger as the rest, though they lie to themselves about it.

    The way I figure it, in America today, you either become rich or poor. Becoming rich takes a lot of work and compromise. Becoming poor takes little. And once you get into the money racket, you get hooked on it.

    The best defense is in your own mind. Your security cannot be outsourced to anyone else.

    Self help gurus get rich by pumping up and injecting feelings of happiness and enthusiasm into their students. I can dig it, just know what it is. Everyone has a fix today, whether its beer, football, or Tony Robbins.

    Ask yourself this – could they make a living in that way if all their students were actually following the program? They’d be too busy to listen to some dude talk.

  2. B (real name!) says:

    Having grown up in the big, bad city (Chicago), my trigger for feeling safe in an unfamiliar neighborhood is whether there are old people and/or children out and about. In your case, that wasn’t so. I think I, too, would have simply left and come back later.

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