I saw a funny/crazy movie called Spy last night.

I hardly ever go to movies so it is always an assault on my senses being in the theatre.  I must confess, my friend and I went into the earthquake movie for a few minutes (I can’t remember the name of the movie…it’s not important) before Spy started.

It’s amazing how quickly you can be drawn into a movie and its characters.  After 2 minutes of watching the movie, I really, really wanted Blair to be okay.  The humongous screen, the very very loud DRAMATIC music really play tricks on your mind.  I found myself crying when I thought Blair was dead and ecstatic when she seemingly came back to life!  I doubt I even get this excited about events in my real life.  (Keep in mind I don’t go to movies very often, perhaps twice per year, so I’m probably more sensitive to these techniques).

So I’m curious.  Do you, my readers think that Hollywood (or whoever) only creates this emotional effect to make money or is there something insidious involved?  I can’t help but think you could really have some control over the way people think when you produce media like this.  I mean…I was crying over a FAKE character that I had only “known” for two minutes.  What power there is in that!

One of the ways I keep my life simple is by eschewing movies and fast entertainment.  I think it has more affect than people realize.  How many gory images of death should one see, in a normal life time?  How many hundreds have I already seen, even with as little movie and television time as I’ve had.

Thoughts everyone?

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