SOS-Share Ourselves

SOS is a place I go to for food.  SOS stands for Share Ourselves.

I will probably use more of the services soon but for now I’m just getting food.  I like it better than going to the soup kitchen for now.  I like the soup kitchen food but I don’t like the atmosphere there.  Sorry folks!!

SOS opens at 8am.  You go inside with the hordes of people (sometimes less, depends on the time of the month) and take a seat.  You fill out a slip of paper where they ask questions like these (I’m going from memory, so bear with me).


Address (If you are homeless you just enter the city you “reside” in.)

How many people are you here for (you can get food for family members.  They don’t ask for any proof that you have a family)

Homeless?          Yes or No

Veteran?              Yes or No

Do you have refridgeration?    Yes or No

Do you have a microwave?  Yes or No    (The fridge and microwave answers will determine what kind of food you will get-food that needs to be cooked or not)

You have to enter your driver’s license or ID Card number.  If you don’t have ID they will still give you food though.

That’s all I can remember right now of the questions.

Then you wait a bit.  I don’t think I’ve ever waited more than 30 minutes for food.  Then you get your food.  It comes in a shopping bag.  I believe most of the people there are volunteers.  They try their best to help you get food you can eat.  I always write my allegies on the form and tell them what I CAN eat.  I go through the bad and take out anything I can’t eat.  I tell them I don’t want to waste it, which is what will happen if I take it and can’t eat it.  I always feel like I’m being picky or something but the volunteers seem to understand and are very helpful.

So here’s what I have gotten, but not all the same day.  Lunch meat, fresh celery, fresh carrots (needed to be peeled so didn’t eat them), beautiful fruit cut up fruit, yogurt (shouldn’t eat it but sometimes do cuz I like it so much), peanut butter sandwiches (shouldn’t eat and usually give them back unless there is no meat in the bag) and store-made salads, often with some meat on them.  Oh and bottled water and juices.  Sometimes the juices are really expensive and organic.  I drink those right up!

Some days it’s a little scarce.  Meat’s expensive and I don’t always get any so I’ll eat the peanut butter sandwich or I’ll just buy food.  I still buy food everyday, just not as much now.

Here’s more about SOS if you’re interested.

Since I’m a Veteran, they waylaid me the other day and asked if I wanted to learn more about Veteran services.  Not reaaaaaaalllly…but I agreed to an appointment next week.  I really think the benefits should go to these poor men and women who are coming back from the Israeli-Arab zone with their limbs blown off, etc. but i guess I’ll just see what’s up, if only for the experience.  A homeless Vet I know got on the waiting list for housing two years ago (he wasn’t homeless when he applied).  At the time he was told the waiting list was 4 years long.  I’m pretty sure I’ll be housed in 4 years….but ya never know.  Maybe I will get hurt or injured and not be able to work anymore.  Can’t hurt to be on a list, I guess.

I’m in a donut shop now that stays open all night.  They have internet.  Life is good.  Goodnight!



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  1. B says:

    For anything that’s offered, there will *always* be someone else who needs it more. But you’re here now, and they’re offering it to you now, so go ahead and take advantage of it. If you feel you need to in the future, then you can pay it forward.

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