Some thoughts

I’ll  be starting my new job in just a few short days.  I’m scared!

One reason I’m worried is that this past year or two I’ve sort of been trying to get in touch with my most feminine side again.  I’m afraid being back at a job where I have to be objective and look at facts rather than feelings all day will make it hard to stay in touch.  Yahweh (God) must think I’m ready though because I did not seek out the opportunity to go back to work 40 hours a week.  The opportunity sought me out.  So I have to do this.

I’m also afraid I’m going to be super tired all the time when I start working.  I’m already so very tired at the end of my workdays.  I started taking 5 thousand milligrams of Vitamin D today, in addition to the Iodine I already take for my thyroid.  Maybe this will help.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I’m afraid that people at the new job may act like jerks.  That happens sometimes and I have little tolerance for the pettiness and territorialism I’ve experienced at past jobs.  BUT, maybe the nice woman that recruited me will be…I don’t know…nice?  She seems nice so far and I think I will be reporting to her.  Or meh, maybe I’ll be to tired to care what the drones are doing and saying.

Okay, so whine, whine, whine right?  I’m just sharing my feelings.  I’m too tired to talk on the phone tonight so you all get to read about them.

My friend T that I stayed with for a couple of months has moved back to Missouri.  She was telling me that the people there look so defeated compared to the people out here.  She says they shuffle about…they don’t really walk properly.  The women don’t keep themselves pretty as they get older like the women here do either.  I guess the unemployment rates are pretty high there so people don’t have the money or the energy to take good care of themselves.  That makes me so sad.

She also mentioned that she has rather effortlessly lost some weight since she moved there because she is under less stress.  Her naturopath mentioned that when we aren’t managing stress well our body makes too much cortizone and many of us tend to hold onto fat around our middles.  I have been having trouble losing weight lately, I wonder if I need to manage my stress better.  I’m going to have to look this up, when I’m not so tired!!



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3 Responses to Some thoughts

  1. Ryu says:

    Have you tried B 12 as well? There’s so much stuff out there. Maybe more pills isn’t the answer.

    It’s hard to win. No doubt away from St Louis Missouri is much less stressful. Of course, you don’t make as much money and life isn’t as glamorous.

  2. B says:

    5000 mg of Vitamin D sounds like way too much. That’s a therapeutic dose. When my doctor discovered I was scary low on Vitamin D, she prescribed 5000 mg *once a week*, and only for two months! Be careful you don’t make yourself sick.

    • Ryu says:

      Those doctors are wienies. You’d probably get 5 grams sitting on the beach for an hour. Those are the same guys who claim the only cure for cancer is cut it out, nuke it, or poison yourself. Just accept responsibility for your own health, take a shot and see what happens.

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