Sleeping Bag Project

I’ve given my phone number to two homeless men recently that might need a sleeping bag.  One called me and the other I rather hope won’t.

The first one called and left a message after I left a note on his windshield.  He sounded extremely drunk.  He has a truck full of stuff.  I have a funny feeling he might have enough blankets.  I mean, there was a lot of STUFF in that van.  I called him back right away but he  didn’t answer…probably passed out!

The other guy I saw walking down the street and I pulled over next to him to give him  a slip of paper with my number on it and a dollar I had in my purse.  I didn’t like him though because he put his (dirty) hands inside my van and started looking around the front seat.  He had the look and body language of a drug user and those guys can’t be trusted.  I got out of there fast for his protection.  It would have been a great misfortune for him if he’d tried anything stupid.

It’s complicated trying to help people.  There are a lot of moving parts!

Today, I’m going to try to get something done career-wise.  Maybe just one thing.  I always have grandiose plans for all the things I’m going to do but that can be overwhelming so I’m going to try to do just one thing.  I found a good neighborhood for passing out my business cards so I’m going to spend an hour or so on that.  I might also go talk to someone about a job.  We’ll see.



About Maureen, Living in a Van

I'm a free-sleeper living in a van in the prettiest part of the world. I do this partly due to financial circumstances and partly because I love a good adventure.
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6 Responses to Sleeping Bag Project

  1. Ryu says:

    It may be a bit harsh, but I don’t think I’d help a drunk or a drug user. There is an infinite and unending amount of need. You’d like to help people who are either on their way off the street, who aren’t “desperate” or trying to kill themselves in some way. They don’t have to be perfect, but they should show you some attempt at self improvement.

    Maybe you could vet people by keeping under observation for a week or so. Say hi, feel them out. Then after a bit of time, offer to help.

    • Maureen says:

      It’s hard to know what to do. It’s just a sleeping bag and I hate to think of anyone sleeping without one when the weather drops into the 30s. Thing is though, if someone is dangerous…well screw that! I’m not going to purposely put myself in their path again. The drunk old guy…he felt safe enough to throw a sleeping back at. The druggie…no way.

      As far as observing people, it’s kind of hard to do that. Homeless people don’t always stay put and neither do I. I feel like I have to seize the opportunities when I get them.

      I think I’ve developed a decent instinct over the years for good or bad people. I just need to listen to it. Perhaps T’s husband J will go with me on some of the sleeping bag runs for safety. He’s a very helpful person.

      • Charles says:

        A voice of concern, STOP, please. Your compassion is putting you in danger. Find another way, I can’t think of a safer way right now and I understand limited resources and your desire to help. We had a lady here in Nashville get serious injuries from a homeless man(60+). She took him some food from McDonalds but he wanted cash for alcohol. This happened in the middle of the afternoon. Ok, lecture over. Just be very careful, enjoy reading your blog, don’t want my favorite blogger to go away. Greedy aren’t I. lol

  2. B says:


    I would not give my phone number or invite any person over to my car whom I did not know … homeless or not!!! You seem to be forgetting some basic urban smarts!

    Find some other way to distribute your sleeping bags, for your own personal safety.

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