Security and Lots and Lots of Monies!!!

Yipes!  Was running from the back bench seat to the front seat this morning as I always do when it’s time to leave my sleep spot when, through my windshield I saw a man walking his dog.  He was just a few feet away from me, walking toward me and when I looked up, he was looking right at me!  I think I did a good job seeming nonchalant like I had just gone to the back to get something and was heading up front to drive away.  Oh well.  I guess I won’t park there for awhile.

Last nite was my first night sleeping in the van after 5 nights of house-sitting.  It was a bit cold last night and I dreaded finding a sleep spot, crawling into my sleeping bag and going to sleep.  I talked to my friend Mooch for a while.  He always makes me smile.  He is living in his car in the Los Angeles area while he builds his business.  By the way, Mooch builds websites, designs logos, designs and prints business cards and much more so I hope you’ll keep him in mind if you need help of this sort.  Anyway, I felt a bit forlorn last night but once I was settled into my wonderful sleeping bag, I was just fine!  Most of the anxiety about sleeping in the van is silly.  It’s really not bad at all.

My friend T was telling about this friend of hers that is planning to donate lots and lots…I mean lots(!) of money to her church for a building.  Obviously she is a very nice lady who wants to do some good in the world but…gosh do middle and upper class people in this area REALLY need another fancy church building to sit in?  REALLY?  Now it isn’t up to me to tell anyone where to donate their money but gosh darnit, that kind of money could really help homeless people or other people in need.  There’s a church on every corner around here!  We don’t need more churches, we need more help for the rising number of homeless and disenfranchised people of this country!  OR we need people to start businesses that will employ Americans.

So…perhaps I will have a chance to talk to this lady sometime.  I need a plan.  A specific project that I could suggest to her.  I don’t want a penny of this money for myself.  Not a penny.  I’d just like to see it be used in the best way possible.

What do you all think?  Am I being overly critical?  I’m a Christian and I love Christians but I think we have enough churches.

T if you are reading this, please don’t think I’m being horribly critical okay?  I just think this money could do a world of good in the homeless community.  My heart’s in right place anyway….

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I'm a free-sleeper living in a van in the prettiest part of the world. I do this partly due to financial circumstances and partly because I love a good adventure.
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9 Responses to Security and Lots and Lots of Monies!!!

  1. If I had lots and lots of money, I’d build parking garages for the homeless who live in cars. They would have security guards 24/7, be clean, with toilets and showers, and have Internet hook ups like wifi or cable. For the long term homeless with kids, get some kind of basic education going on site. Adult education on site so some can get their GEDs, have day care, too, for working parents. Try to get the state employment office in there often to help folks find work. It would be nondenominational, but Christian based. Would not turn away non-believers though. Churches and abandoned buildings to make into churches, we have lots of. Safe sleeping and living areas for the homeless in cars is what we need.

    • Maureen says:

      That’s more or less what I envision to MG. Even just a parking garage would be a good start. Paid parking in the day time for the yuppies…homeless parking at nite.

      Makes me wonder. Perhaps there are currently parking garages around that aren’t used at night. Wealthy people like T’s friend could rent it out at night and provide screening/security. I wonder how much something like that would cost?

      Let’s keep brainstorming!

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  3. Ryu says:

    There’s alot wrong with those churches. Like universities, churches have a mania for building additions and also for bringing in third world immigrants by the thousands. That donor is actually going to be hurting this country and the homeless.

    You have to drop the idea that you can’t tell her where to spend her money. Obviously you do since you can see where the church spends its loot and that also you are homeless.

    However, it is very possible that the donor wants recognition for her great charity. There’s a certain charm to the thing. It makes one feel righteous and superior at the same time. Why else go bragging about where one is going to donate? These sort of sumptious displays are common, which is why you always see those little plaques on buildings.

  4. Woof says:

    They tried having parking for homeless people in Santa Cruz, I think it was in church parking lots or maybe city. At any rate, it didn’t work well, there were drug and hygiene issues, and people who weren’t grateful that broke the rules. I forget what the biggest issues were.

    The homeless aren’t all nice and polite, some of them have been recently released from prison or jail, and they can be quite nasty. Just a few of those can lead to disenchantment with the entire community ……. now there’s no overnight camping or sleeping in vehicles permitted in Santa Cruz, and last time I was there harassment of the homeless was increasing (some of which I personally experienced).

    • Maureen says:

      That stinks! Why don’t the arrest the bad guys and leave the good ones alone? Seems to me some lawmakers will use any excuse to pass more draconian laws. I think if a cop hassled me I’d take him to court and challenge the “law”. I’m pretty sure it’s unconstitutional on some level to say someone can sleep in their own property. Now if someone is defecating in the street, remove them from polite society but I walk to the back of my van and lay down. How am I disturbing anyone or anything?

  5. Rick Chapman says:

    Harassment by authorities toward the homeless happens nationwide. I was harassed by a park ranger many times in a legal campgrounds when he found out i was homeless.

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