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I love comments from readers.  I can’t tell you how much I treasure them.  Thanks to Ryu for being my most faithful commenter and thanks to ALL for the great advice and LOVE!

I want to respond to Michelle here since she said some interesting things:

Michelle:  1 meal a day, be careful you’ll waste away!!

Maureen:  Don’t worry Michelle, I could stand to lose a couple (dozen) pounds

Michelle:  I am just coming out of depression. Nothings wrong with it…its just your minds way of saying woah too much stuff here. Slow down. Its OK.

Maureen:  Yah, I’m stressing out a little because I don’t have much money left and don’t know how I will earn any.  Might even have to look for a j-o-b.  And you all know how much I hate working for THE MAN….if I can even GET a job with The Man.

Michelle:  Can I be the first to read your book?

Maureen:  That’s very nice of you to want to read my book.  My real life friends and family members probably won’t even do that.  Funny how that works isn’t it?  Yes, you can be one of the first.  All my current frequent commenters will get a free pdf when/if I finish the book.  You just have to promise not to give it away to anyone.  I’m hoping some people might pay to read it.  Don’t worry, I won’t forget you all after I make my first million…hehehe.

Michelle:  Its nice to have Mom for a back up. Wish my mom was still here:(

Maureen:  I’m so sorry you don’t have your Mom.  I am very blessed.  I couldn’t ask for a better mother.  Would you believe she works in both a food pantry and a soup kitchen back East?  She has no idea I’m a free-sleeper (aka homeless).  She would probably fall apart if she knew. 

Michelle: You’ll do fine. you’re r a survivor!!!

Maureen:  Thank you.  I think I will survive.  I just want to do it on my terms and by myself.  I will feel ashamed if I don’t get my act together here.  I’m able bodied and fairly intelligent.  There’s no reason I shouldn’t be able to support myself.  I just need to market myself more assertively.  I have a hard time talking up my services etc.

Thanks again everyone for reading and commenting.



About Maureen, Living in a Van

I'm a free-sleeper living in a van in the prettiest part of the world. I do this partly due to financial circumstances and partly because I love a good adventure.
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  1. Michelle says:

    That’s cute. I never thought I would be the subject over someones blog. Thank you and thats great to all your answers. You’ll be OK.

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