My battery went out on my van yesterday.  I knew that was coming as it’s a 4 year old battery.  Still I just paid a lot of money to have the front end fixed.  The van was in a grocery store parking lot and my friend C was willing to use one of her AAA thingies (units?  You get 4 services a year) to tow my car out of there so I don’t get towed by the $250 a night guys.  I have AAA but I’ve used up all my services, of course.  The BEST part of the whole AAA experience is the tow truck driving told me where I could get a good battery for $29.  Knowlege IS power sometimes.  You can save a lot of money if you know where to find the good stuff. 

So that was yesterday.  It was too late to get the battery yesterday so I’m riding my bike.  It was a little cold when I set out around 7 but it warmed up fast.  I really love riding my bike.  I went to my (kind of) new storage because they have a bathroom.  My go-to morning bathroom spot that I’ve used a lot is CLOSED now, “due to vandalism and misuse”.  THANKS SCUMBAGS.

Like I’ve said before one or two scumbags(usually from among the homeless community and usually addicts of some kind) can ruin it for the rest of us.  If some business lets you use their bathroom, why can’t you just be decent and not make a mess?  Why do you think everyone should clean up after you?  I’ve already seen two bathrooms I’ve used be put on lockdown in just one year.

I’ve been around some of the visible homeless people lately and they don’t seem overjoyed to see me.  I’m sure The Cobra and this other Witch tells them I talk bad about SOME homeless people (in fact The Cobra has done it before when I was in the same room with them) in my blog.  Oh well.  If the shoe fits, wear it.  If it doesn’t, then obviously I’m not talking about you. 

Be decent.  If you aren’t, then don’t boo hoo when they close down all the service around here and you have to beg for your food.  I will be okay.  Unless, I’m half dead with an illness, I will find work.  Why do you guys party yourself into a state where no one wants to hire you?  Is that smart?  Do you really think people are going to feed you and keep bathrooms, showers etc. open to you forever?  Maybe they will, but do you really think it’s worth the risk? 

A lot of people believe that at some point homeless people will be rounded up.  Ya, see, well off people don’t like what they perceive as “bums” hanging about.  It ruins their environment.  Some of them beg, some pee on the sidewalk, etc.  Anyway, here’s an article to read about the possibility of being rounded up and sent to a shelter that would be difficult to leave.   Maybe these people are being alarmists and maybe they’re not.  I’m not going to risk it.  I like my freedom.



That’s it.


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