Despite the “big busts” we see the police make from time to time, I see the police as mostly as advanced welfare, backed by the US government.  A make-work job that relies on money from good people, in order to function.

This morning, I saw a young man on a bike getting pulled over by a cop.  He was a clean cut kid.  What do you suppose his “crime” was?  I doubt there was a victim.  Aren’t police supposed to keep us safe from bad guys?  Where were the police the other day when Patti (one of my readers) was physically knocked down the other day at a public park?

I guarantee that if people were allowed to carry guns around here, that these sorts of things would be much less likely to happen.  BUT NO, anyone, anywhere could fall victim to a serious crime, be unable to protect themselves, while the cops are out collect money from clean cut kids on bikes.

Right after I saw this kid getting financially victimized by a cop, I talked to another biker who said she had been ticketed by a cop for riding the wrong way in a cross walk.  WOW.  $125 it cost her.

Meanwhile there are cartel members firmly entrenched in our city who make money and destroy our community but somehow the cops can’t do anything about it.  That’s because it’s too scary.  It’s easier to pick the pockets of the unarmed.  LOSERS.

Meanwhile, the Black Panthers are walking around Dallas, Texas with guns, intimidating the unarmed populous.  Are THEY going to be arrested or even fined?  Inquiring minds want to know.

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3 Responses to Police

  1. geezer says:

    Got hit at a pedestrian crosswalk 2 years ago while bicycling , not entirely blameless here , but the $125 for riding on the sidewalk rankles.
    One cop , rightfully busted a bicyclist for riding through a stop sign while wearing headphones, but not until the guy ( an adult ) rode through nine more —- the fine was something on the order of a thousand,,,,

    There’s Law , and there’s Justice but it’s rare to see them at the same time

  2. Ryu says:

    The big busts are just for show. It’s like showing the public that the cops are out there and that they are busy.

    Cops are rated on many things. How many arrests they make, how many citations they write, revenue they bring in, and so on. It’s a business.

  3. Me says:

    Geezer, that situation of letting the guy go through the intersection NINE times before ticketing him, clearly illustrates that the cops aren’t concerned about safety, only money and power. I’ll bet the cops had a good laugh over THAT one.

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