What the hell is wrong with these cops?  This is so disturbing and it happened about a half hour from me!

What kind of mindset do these cops get into where they don’t even care if they are being filmed or anything?




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  1. Ryu says:

    Nothing is wrong with them. They are doing exactly what they are paid to do. Cops are the muscle end of the government. They are paid to enFORCE the law. You shouldn’t expect them to be different from Mafia or Cartel hoods.

    Rather than getting upset, take notes and learn from it.

    Four cops. They wear sunglasses because they feel guilt and can’t look people in the eye. All are right handed. They stay back, put on gloves, use the baton because they don’t want to get close to him. They are actually afraid of him. Near the end there are actually 7 cops versus 1.

    The anger is an intermediate stage. There are levels beyond it. Keep pushing. Watch a half hour of police brutality per day, and you’ll learn.

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