Pee Pee In The Van-Squeamish People-Don’t Read This!

I try not to pee in the middle of the night but sometimes I just forget to stop drinking by 6 or 7 pm and have to go.  Going into a public restroom in the middle of the night is not for me either.  To me, it just screams “homeless” to use the same bathrooms in the middle of the night over and over.  There are only a few available in town.

So I will use a cup, preferably styrofoam to pee in, then dump it in the morning.  I don’t dump it outside of the van onto the street because human pee stinks after a while.  (Even mine, hahaha)  I usually dump it in dirt somewhere in the because the dirt absorbs the pee so it’s not just sitting there getting stinky.

The cup method works okay but it’s risky.  It could be knocked over.  What a disaster that would be.  Pee everywhere!  8 blankets to wash.  I ‘m also afraid that someday someone will see me dumping the pee in the morning.  Embarrassing!  Not stealthy!!!

BUT I think I have stumbled upon the answer thanks to the Minivan Camper blog. Peeing in a ziplock bag.  The lady that writes this blog suggests putting kitty litter into the plasic bag….I’m not sure if I will do that or not.  In theory, once the bag is zipped up, there shouldn’t be an odor problem right?  Why make more work for myself?  Urine is sterile when it comes out of our bodies and usually doesn’t smell too bad (in my opinion…ok maybe I’m a wierdo)  So all I need is a darker grocery bag to put the ziplock bag of pee pee in, in the morning.  I throw it all in the trash and no one knows.  I only feel sorry for the guys and gals looking for bottles and cans in the trash.  I hope they don’t poke the bag and get any on themselves.  That would be so awful!  It will be two bags though so maybe that will be enough protection so it doesn’t all break open.

I’m kind of excited to try this new way of handling my pee pee problem.  I’d rather experiment with weird stuff like this than pay 8 dollars to watch a blockbuster movie.  Oh well!

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I'm a free-sleeper living in a van in the prettiest part of the world. I do this partly due to financial circumstances and partly because I love a good adventure.
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5 Responses to Pee Pee In The Van-Squeamish People-Don’t Read This!

  1. B says:

    Alternately, get hold of a good sized spillproof container, like a water drinking bottle, and declare that to be your chamber pot. If you get a darker color, no one knows what’s in it. You can empty it in any restroom during the day.

    • Maureen, Living in a Van says:

      Hey B it’s good to see you! That seems more difficult to me. Dumping pee, rinsing the thing out. Plus, women can’t just pee in a water bottle like men can.

      • Anonymous says:

        NO need to pee directly into the bottle, place a large funnel over your private areas with the narrow end into the bottle & pee in the funnel… the urine will ‘ magically ‘ be placed into the receptacle, bottle or old FOLGERS coffee container…
        My regards & happy pee-pee-time !! Lucy

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