Over 20 Years Living in a Van!!!

I’m on page 66 of this 80 something page thread!   This gentleman lives mostly in the desert of Arizona and loves it!  He has taken some amazing photos too.  I’m not getting anything done today but what a great read!    Here’s his first post:

That’s right. Actually a bit over 21 years. I also have a 75 pound and a 40 pound dog. I am very comfortable in such a small space because every inch of space is put to good usage. 

When I was 13 and 14 my dream had always been to live in a van and travel around. I’m living my childhood dream. How cool is that?

I have a bed that is just about the size of a double bed. beneath the bed the front 2/3rds is used for storage of various items. That space is accessed by a hinged top. The rear 1/3rd is also storage but is for things like 5 gallon gas and water containers, tools, prospecting equipment and spare parts. That area is accessed by the rear doors.

I have a two battery system, starting and accessory battery, which utilizes an isolator to keep me from draining the starting battery. I have a roll-up solar panel which provides a little over an amp at 20 volts in direct sunlight to keep the whole set-up going when I’m sitting somewhere for a week or two. It unrolls and sits on my windshield at just about the perfect angle. This has saved me hundreds of gallons of gas which would have been burned charging batteries over the years.

There are SO many things that I’ve changed about the van or have stowed away in order to make life more comfortable that they are too numerous to mention. If you are thinking about the doing the same sort of thing that I’m doing and want some tips…feel free to ask here or by PM.

If you’ve got some time on your hands check it out.  The guys spends the next 2 or 3 years answering questions and giving more details about his interesting life!


About Maureen, Living in a Van

I'm a free-sleeper living in a van in the prettiest part of the world. I do this partly due to financial circumstances and partly because I love a good adventure.
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  1. Ryu says:

    Wow. I figure to live in a van year round one needs to snowbird. Probably he goes north in the winter. He seems to make some money by prospecting. One can definitely make some money that way, but it’s doubtful that one could ever get rich. I can certainly believe that one could spend 20 years in the AZ outback.

    • Maureen says:

      I’m on page 71 now….close to the end of it. One of his dogs died. It was very sad. It’s really quite a story but he says he’s too lazy to write a book.

      I believe he made most of his money welding…he only had to work a couple of days a month to meet his needs so it must have paid fairly well. Oh yes and he also did swapmeets during certain seasons.

      He moved a bit for the weather but not far really. I think he just went up higher when it got cold. I THINK that’s how it went!

      He really makes me want to go live in the desert…I doubt I’m tough enough though and I don’t like being dirty much so we’ll see!

  2. Ryu says:

    Looks like he makes money at a body shop twice a month, prospecting and swap meets. He’s got two dogs for companions.

    He says up near Prescott. Nice thing about AZ is all the public land and outside of Flagg, Phoenix and Tucson the state is very sparely populated. As I’ve said, I never use AC or heating, but I’m an extremist.

    There’s some nice places in Eastern CA and Western AZ. If you stayed there Oct – May and went to the mountains or coast the rest of the time, that would be ideal.

    • Maureen says:

      Maybe, if I could figure out how to make a living going back and forth like that. The type of things I do now for money require me to be in one place. (here)

      I may have to satisfy myself with a couple of camping trips a year out on some BLM land. That would be nice and give me something to work toward.

      Hey anyway, how’d you get ahead of me on reading? I’m only on page 80!

  3. Ryu says:


    Looks like he poops out at page 82 and retires. Seems like he met with a fan and things didn’t go well, or something to that effect.

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