Nightmare and Prepping

Last night I found a new sleep spot.  I liked it/didn’t like it.  Liked it because it was in a little place next to a park with only one house visible.  It was away from possible prying eyes.  At the same time, it was isolated and if anything bad were to happen, there would be no prying eyes or ears!

I texted my friend about liking my new spot but I didn’t tell him I was nervous.  I dreamt that I was there sleeping in the van when suddenly I heard loud footsteps coming up behind me, then a huge BAM as if someone had banged on my rear window (very close the back bench seat where I sleep).  I thought it was really happening!  I woke up screaming!  Or did I only scream in my dream?  I guess I won’t park in an isolated spot again!

A sort of new thing that I haven’t told you all yet is that I’ve begun stopping in an empty parking lot in the early morning when I wake up and kind of prepping for going into a business establishment to use the restroom.  I wash my face with a facial wipe (I get them 30 for $1) put on my makeup, rinse my mouth out with peroxide (I brush my teeth later), and fix my hair a bit.

I’m doing this to save my self esteem.  Walking into a upscale coffee shop with bed head and bad breath just ain’t crackin’.  (Don’t you love that expression?)

In the coffee shop or gas station or grocery store, I use the restroom and use more wipes…TMI?  I change my clothes and brush my teeth.  If I don’t have time to do all this because of privacy concerns, I do it at the next stop.

Why don’t I go to gym first thing in the morning and have my shower etc., you ask?  Because I can’t deal with that place without my coffee.  I go later in the day or not at all.  I admit, I have been avoiding that place.  More on that and my weird hygiene issues another day.



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I'm a free-sleeper living in a van in the prettiest part of the world. I do this partly due to financial circumstances and partly because I love a good adventure.
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6 Responses to Nightmare and Prepping

  1. eyewrist says:

    Wierd hygiene issue; I think NOT. What did people do BEFORE perfumes, tiolets (tissue) , instant hot H2O and deodorant? This generation knows nothing of resourcefulness and that will be the cause of many to fall into a state of depression… they just don’t know what to do! When you are in the library, seek books that will teach you basic surivival skills, colonial living, native living, the Depression, then improvise things/skills you use today.

    For instance a friend and I were talking about the difference between “stay at home” moms today compared to ” stay at home” moms in Colonial times. Today moms sit at home take care of the kids, pop a box casserole in the micro, put the dishes in the dishwasher, work out or do Yoga to their favorite DVD, then soak in their spa tub. BUT Colonial moms made clothes for the family, loaded the wood stove, slaughtered & plucked a couple of chickens and picked the vegetables for dinner, churned butter, taught the children at home, heat water to hand washed or plunged everyone’s clothes along with the sanitary pads then hang them on the clothesline, make a two hour run to the local merchant store once a month and still had to clean house daily. No need to work out after all this, eh? When you had to go to the bathroom you did your business in a literal POT next to your bed (wiping yourself with a piece of rag) to be dumped the next morning and washed up in a literal face BOWL. What a difference in our world today. Those ways should never be forgotten by anyone; homeless or not..they will save our lives someday soon.

    PS Did like your phase. I’m going to use it……….. but next time DON’T scream & be very still and listen and get your weapons ready.

    • B says:

      Everything you say is true, plus colonial stay-at-home mom had her kids working right alongside her. So they wound up learning how to survive with what little they had. (And I can imagine my grandma thinking this about my generation. And I can imagine my imaginary grandchild also thinking this about my generation. Plus ca change …

      • eyewrist says:

        Lol, parents today can’t be there kids to pick up after themselves or sit long enough to learn from them. I bet they wish they could talk to some of those colonial women now so the could get their families in order. Going homeless or van/rv dwelling would be very difficult for families of our time; depression and anger would set in very quickly

  2. Maureen says:

    haha..I probably didn’t scream…hard to tell…but I think if someone rally DID bang my window like that, screaming might be in order…perhaps someone would come help me.

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