Nice Morning

It’s around 62 degrees here in SoCal and I had such a nice morning hanging out at the park for a little while in Vinny the Van.  The sun was already out at 8 am which doesn’t always happen.

There’s a bathroom at the park but because the weather is so reasonable here, it’s “open air” meaning the top part of the building isn’t isn’t “finished” so air and BIRDS can get in.  So when I went pee this morning, I actually got to watch a little bird popping in and out of the open “window”.  I know, I’m weird.

Now I’m at the library listening to Beethoven on the computer.  What a nice morning.

I also saw where another homeless encampment was shut down, this time in Silicon Valley.

You’d think with all the money rolling around out there and all the wasteful things people do with it, that they could house people or help them keep the encampment habitable.  NOT that it’s their responsibility to do so BUT who wants to encounter them in the streets all the time.  Surely there’s a better way.

It’s certainly not my job to help homeless people.  I can barely help my self but I guess if I could, I would make a camp for homeless people.  There would have to be rules such as regular cleanup etc. but I would like to try something like that.  I’m sure there are lots of challenges to doing something like that.  Still, this encampment had 4 million poured into it and STILL had to be broken up.  Where did that money go?  Something ain’t right.

A big problem is a lot of homeless people seem to have a “thing” about collecting useless stuff, often in shopping carts.  I think it’s a form of materialism.  I think some people feel some sort of comfort from having stuff around them.  The show called “hoarders” on cable TV showed people like this except these people could collect even more stuff because they had a house or apartment they could fill.  It’s a really awful disease.  One the show I watched, one woman was asked to consider a filthy, flea-bitten remnant of a nightgown to throw away.  It was SO disgusting but she was LOATHE to part with it because it had belonged to her mother.  It’s like she felt that by throwing away that nightgown she was somehow throwing away her mother or something.  What is a cure for this disease?

I think writing could be very therapeutic for people.  I know writing this blog has been very helpful for me, especially when I’m going through a difficult time.  It helps me gather my thoughts and also…since I have a terrible memory, it helps me to document my life in a place I can’t lose it.  I have a hard time keeping ahold of paperwork in the van.  It gets wet or ripped or lost.  Online works well.  I also like the idea that a handful of people are interested in what’s going on it my life and I really treasure the advice I’ve been given too.

Sometimes I wonder if I could convince someone to give free classes on blogging to homeless people.  Mooch is still giving away free blogs to homeless people.  I could help them learn how to use the wordpress program.  I just have to convince somebody to let me use a bunch of computers with internet.  WHO would do something like that?  Ideas welcome.





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I'm a free-sleeper living in a van in the prettiest part of the world. I do this partly due to financial circumstances and partly because I love a good adventure.
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8 Responses to Nice Morning

  1. Ryu says:

    The government hasn’t been able to shut down Slab City yet. That’s a true self organizing homeless community. And it’s been operating for 20 years.

  2. Patti says:

    I saw the news about that homeless encampment. Not sure what the solution would be….wish I did.
    I am definitely interested in your life. Take care of yourself.

  3. jeri says:

    You can find homeless who are interested and bring them one or two at a time to the library and teach them. The main issue is that you need a library card to get internet access and i’ve had problems proving i’m a local resident without a utility bill in my name.

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