New Gym and Showers

I’ve been looking into a new gym.  It’s not more expensive, it’s just in a better area.

The area my current gym is in is gross.  I call it the gauntlet.  I have to pass through a maddening combination of homeless people, cops and snobs to get to my shower.  That is NOT the way I want to start my day.  It gets even more interesting when I overhear the Hispanic chicks who work there talk about the “creepy people” in the area.  Ha!  That’s what Americans used to think about Hispanics.

I suppose I am creepy since I’m older and fat, and dress funny.  Whatever.

Anyway, the new gym is in a better area and it’s cleaner but it’s a longer drive to get to.  ALSO. strangely enough, when I went to visit the gym today, a couple of “mentally challenged” (did I say that right?) young women got in a fight or something and the cops had to come.  Seriously?  Apparently glass was broken…..

AND the showers don’t have curtains so no privacy.

Yeah so maybe this isn’t the gym for me.

When I go to the beach, sometimes I see young surfers at the beach “shower” with jugs of water standing outside their cars.  They are wearing their swim suits, of course.  I wonder if I could get away with that or if I would look too weird since I’m not a beautiful young person.

I would still have to go to the gym or somewhere for a shower from time to time because the jug shower with a bathing suit on wouldn’t get my private parts clean enough.



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