New Car!!!!

Seriously, this is not my car!

I can’t say too much about my “new” car except:  It’s newer than my van, it’s shiny and driving it is like riding on a cloud.  It cost less than I had budgeted.  Yeay!!

So I will sleep in my van and drive the car.  I will move the van around a little so no one thinks it’s abandoned.  I’m going to get both of the vehicles very clutter free on the inside.  The only things that will be in the van are blankets and pillows, folded neatly.  All my junky looking stuff like my gym bag, clothing, papers etc. that I need on an almost daily basis will be in the trunk of my car.  The trunk is huuuge!  The rest of my stuff will be in my storage.  I’m really happy about this new development.

Now onto the bad news…sort of.  I lost a client.  She is moving to another city, too far away.  It’s sort of okay because she is not in my primary neighborhood and it’s best having clients close together, especially during prime times.  I kind of resented driving over there and I wasn’t getting top dollar for the job so this isn’t the end of the world as long as I can replace the income.

Good news….sort of.  I will probably have a new client next week to cancel out the one I lost.  It is in the next city over but she is flexible on the time (which is always nice) and I will be able to charge more than on the other client.  It’s a little further than I want to drive but a job is a job and having a more dependable car will make the drive less stressful…oh and the car gets about ten miles more per gallon of gas too so it will be less expensive.

In January I’m going to raise prices a little on a couple of my clients who I know can afford it.  I’m kind of under-priced anyway so I guess I’m ready to raise my prices like a normal business.

I’m also going to pay $50 soon for an infant/child cpr class so maybe I can get some babysitting jobs at night from time to time.  I’m not interested in the all- day care of children.  I’m already busy during the day.  Also, it’s hard taking care of other people’s children for an extended period of time.  You can’t really discipline them so they can just act like brats and you have to grit your teeth and deal with it.  Sadly a lot of children are spoiled these days and I wouldn’t want to deal with that day in and day out.  But babysitting for a few hours will be okay from time to time.  Babysitters make pretty decent money too.

So I’m moving forward.  I want to replenish my bank account, keep building my business and maybe in a year or two get housed again.  But not until I’m ready.  I think the experts agree that no more than one third of your net income should go to housing costs and that INCLUDES your utilities, maintenance and anything else I’m forgetting.  Sooooo let’s pretend I want to live in a thousand dollar a month place…including utilities.  I need to clear $3000 a month right?  Oh and for those of you who don’t live in SoCal, one thousand a month is a pretty conservative estimate.  I probably can’t even get a studio in a nice neighborhood for that amount…just a room.

I’ve got far to go before I will be clearing that kind of money.  Kinda pathetic huh?  I’m no expert on such things but I’m thinking to clear $3,000 month you need to be making WELL over $40k a year.

When I start thinking about this, I feel resentful about spending so much money on a little room.  Maybe I will have to sleep in vans forever!  We’ll see!

Best get busy!  Have a great day!



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I'm a free-sleeper living in a van in the prettiest part of the world. I do this partly due to financial circumstances and partly because I love a good adventure.
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  1. Ryu says:

    I think 1000 will buy you a box on the beach in SoCal. I’m glad you got a new car. Probably the only way you could clear 36K/year is with a 9 to 5, which is back where you were.

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