New Businesses/Jobs

Here are some of my ideas and the things I like or don’t like about them

Housekeeping (my own business) – I do a little already-hard work-low pay-on the plus side I go at my own pace and fire clients I don’t like

Buy and Sell on Ebay-Super fun and I don’t even have to look presentable to do it-Downside-I’m not very good at it yet, I have little room to store things, I have to get things to the post office (possibly no vehicle soon)

Dog training.  I have a little experience with it.  I could pretend I have more.  Pays pretty well.  Downside-constantly have to get new clients, not easy with no budget.

Babysitting-I do a little of this already.  An overnight job might be awesome.    All day long would be not-fun for me.  I pretty much only like my own kids (grown now) and a select few, well behaved agreeable kids.

Elder Care-have done in the past.  Pays pretty well if you work for yourself.  An overnight job might be awesome. My friend did this recently and it worked out well for everyone.  Kind of hard work to find.   Mentally exhausting if the person has alzheimers, as they often do.

Combo of all these.  Could be good.  My current thing is very travel intensive and on my bike ends up taking my whole day up.  I also am surprised at how much it costs to keep a bike viable.  I wore through my tires in a couple of months.  New tires and tubes cost me around $60.  Must learn to do this work myself!

Okay, I’m off to work now!  Thanks for reading!

About Maureen, Living in a Van

I'm a free-sleeper living in a van in the prettiest part of the world. I do this partly due to financial circumstances and partly because I love a good adventure.
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3 Responses to New Businesses/Jobs

  1. Lynn says:

    What about dog/cat sitting while people are on vacation. You can stay in their home and care for the critters while they are away. I have a lady that does that for me.

  2. geezer says:

    Look around for free classes on bicycle and automotive maintenance basics , often they’re held at night in high schools , and oriented to the mature female.
    Have you thought of working for a temp agency like “Labor Ready ” as a occasional day worker ?

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