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I love my little beach town.  Today I went to the (what I thought was the) scary, snooty gym, for the first time.

It was awesome.   I must have talked to half a dozen different women of all ages.  I can’t believe how friendly people are!  This gym has a big pool and I took my first ever water aerobics class.  It’s harder that you’d think!  I also was approached my a nice man and we talked for a while.  He didn’t ask for my phone number though so I guess he just wants to  be friends.

As far as men go, I am keeping my options open because I don’t know how things will work out with my out of state suitor.  We may not be attracted to each other when we meet (THIS THURSDAY).  I try not to be too picky in the looks department but if a guy is too ugly, it’s hard for me to continue with things….especially if he is trying to hold my hand or something right away.  Guys should really try to guage a woman’s interest (or just ask her) before they try to get physical in any way…in my opinion.  Ok, but what do I know?  🙂

I ran into a man here at the coffee shop who I had met at the laundry mat last week.  We are going to stay in touch.  He is married but I find him interesting because of his religious beliefs.

Work is going okay….it’s a stressful place if I let it be.  It seems like even on lighter work days my boss finds reasons to stress out….bad habit.  I try not to find reasons to be stressful.  I’m grateful that my job keeps me so busy that the day goes by fast.

It’s 2:00 and I have been fasting all day…I’m going to try to do it until 5 pm.  I am drinking water, of course.  I DO feel hungry.  A lady at the coffee shop offered me the rest of her LEMON COCONUT CAKE-OH MY GOSH!!!  I didn’t take any though.  I rarely eat like that any more.  At 5pm I’m going to eat a bunch of raisins and see how I feel.  If I need to I’ll eat something with more substance like salad with oil and Braggs on it.  I was pretty despairing last week because it appeared I wasn’t losing weight.  Today though, a whole bunch of pounds seemed to drop off.  I weighed in early this morning before my day’s fast would have registered so it’s not from fasting…just my regular diet.  When I feel weak mentally about my low calorie diet, I just have to look around me at all the beautiful slim women for inspiration.

Well I guess that about enough out of me for today.  Love you, my friends!


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I'm a free-sleeper living in a van in the prettiest part of the world. I do this partly due to financial circumstances and partly because I love a good adventure.
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  1. Ryu says:

    It’s a funny thing about gyms. I remember being intimidated by them a long time ago. Most gyms are full of retirees these days, not intimidating at all. Most of the real hardcore gyms died in the 80s. That goes for everywhere I’ve been lately.

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