My Back is Better

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My back is doing better today.  Thanks for all the great advice.  My hot shower helped this morning as did the Advil.  Still…I could have taken another dose at 3 and I don’t seem to need one.

I went down to the beach and did gentle stretching by the water.  The beach is one of the few places I feel comfortable stretching out at.  Seems like almost anything goes at the beach.

There is some evidence to suggest this pain may have been a female thing.  Who knows…as long as it goes away, I don’t really care.

I don’t have much time to write as I am meeting with the Non-profit group lady to help her with some things in just a few minutes.  She talked about paying me hourly for my work.  I told her I’d like to be paid by the job instead.  Hourly work is for chumps!  Just kidding but CONSULTANTS don’t get paid that way and I’d rather be a consultant than an hourly worker trying to get that extra 50 cents an hours.  Since I have a choice.  Having choices as to who I work with and how much I charge is one of the primary reasons I have enjoyed living in my van.  Not having rent to pay really frees me up.  Less taxes too.  Sorry government.  := )

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