More on Gang Stalking

I often obsess on topics of interest.  I’m very interested in gang stalking now.  Here’s another site of interest.

I have emailed the gentleman from the site I posted the other day.  I’m hoping he will provide me with a story or two that I can read to learn more about this.

I met someone a few months ago who I thought was paranoid….but now I’m not so sure.  Without giving too much of her story away, she was married to a man from a powerful family and she had to FLEE from his abuse.  She is still hiding out five years later and she trusts very few people, not even her family members.  She is always telling me that I have told too many people about my living situation and that I should keep my life more private.  Perhaps she is right.  She never used the word “stalked” to describe her situation but she mentioned in passing, strangers talking about her in public places…saying things a stranger couldn’t possibly know about her.

As fascinating as this topic is, I don’t want to get unnecessarily cautious.  Fear and confusion are not of God.  I don’t want to always watch my back, thinking people are following me etc.  I just want to be reasonably cautious.  When I got sloppy a couple of weeks back, (talking on my cell phone at 11pm in a parking lot) I attracted a weirdo who exploited my weakness to have fun at my expense.  Fortunately, for whatever reason he left me alone after finding me twice.  I’m not too hard to find actually in this small town so I feel very blessed he hasn’t bothered me again.

I want to be empowered to not be a victim to anyone or anything.  I’m going to improve my prayer life and be a bit more diligent about my security.

PS.  I have quit my low paying job in the fancy skyscraper.  I’m going to start my businesses all over again.  Yipes!  I’ll write more about this later.






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2 Responses to More on Gang Stalking

  1. Ghost Wolf says:

    Friendly and unsolicited advice:
    Do NOT depend on locks at night. Make sure you can bolt your doors and windows from the INSIDE.
    I do not fear my Fan Club. However, since they commonly use “dregs-of-society” for their dirty deeds, I am indeed cautious. I scare them regularly for sport when I’m bored. (By making their little part known to them loud enough for others to hear and showing they aren’t as “invisible” as their handlers told them they were.)
    I do not “hate” my Fan Club. I am well aware that many of them don’t have a clue as to what is really going on or what their little part of the scheme or con-game is to the Final Agenda. (I just think they are ROCK dumb.)
    Just treat people as if they are not involved. It really does confuse them… because that isn’t what they were told – generally.
    YHWH (god of the OT) judges on what you’ve done. Do what is right and no one will have anything “provably” bad to say about you. Not even Yahweh.

  2. Ryu says:

    Nice site, damn you. I don’t rightly have the time right now to dig into it.

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