More Blog Business and Deterring Free-Sleeping with Spikes and Rocks

Well I guess the reason Google adsense took down my advertisements before is because I didn’t verify my account (by mail) and because I never gave them my social security number so they could tax me.  Now I am waiting on the mail for my pin number.

I only share this to be helpful to anyone who is interested in this sort of thing.

ALSO, I was on one of the social networks the other day (my business account) and some nice church people got talking about how cities prevent people without homes from sleeping.  They showed photos from this article where a Chinese city puts spikes under bridges so people can’t sleep under them!  There are multiple millions of people sleeping in the street in China.  What the heck happens to those people when they can’t sleep?  Frankly, the Chinese aren’t known for their charity (if you don’t agree, you are welcome to prove me wrong).  Guess what though….I remembered that in a town near me, the concrete under a bridge I know of is roughly at a 45 degree angle and it has ROCKS sticking up out of it.  I took photos so you can check it out for yourself.

under bridge 2Look, I don’t think anyone OWES anyone else a living but this seems a little harsh to me.  Sure, there are problems with trash when you have homeless people are around but there ARE solutions.  It wouldn’t cost much (heck we’ve got lots of wealthy people who are looking for volunteer work around here) to clean up under a bridge every morning and patrol (neighborhood watch maybe) to make sure things are safe would it?  I don’t think so.

And ya know what?  I think patrolling and cleaning up after homeless people would make a great community service assignment for the STILL UNPUNISHED banksters who caused the housing bubble/burst.  It would be poetic justice since they are a big part of why many people are homeless or inadequately housed.  I can think of some greedy (minimum wage paying) capitalists I’d like to see mopping up in the morning too but I won’t name names.

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