Lost My Password-and bigger room

Sorry I haven’t updated for a while.  I couldn’t remember my password for the longest time.  Then it suddenly came to me today.

Last week I moved into a new bedroom that is twice the size of my old one.  It’s amazing what having more space has done for me!  It is easier to take photos and pack my ebay stuff up in the bigger room.  It also has big windows so it feels very spacious.  Oh and also, a CALIFORNIA KING sized bed!  I feel like royalty and it is only a little more money every month.

I am getting better at ebay reselling.  I am selling anything I can get my hands on that will make me a decent profit ($30 or more after all fees etc.)  My biggest challenge is finding free boxes to ship things in in every shape and size.  Also, figuring out how much the shipping will be BEFORE listing the item on ebay (buyer pays shipping in my store).  If I screw THAT up, I end up paying for part of the shipping cost which can really eat into my profit!

As far as starting this business goes…it’s been interesting.  I’m a penny pincher.  I didn’t want to waste a cent.  I wanted to go cheap on everything and I was going to keep track of EVERY dime and make sure I was making a profit BUT I was making myself a nervous wreck so I decided on a new strategy.

I’ve talked about this before but when you are starting something brand new and you’re not going to college or school somewhere to learn it, your first few months ARE your schooling and it will cost you time and money.  I’m sure Mark Zuckerberg and all these other bigwigs don’t pinch every penny when they are starting up their businesses.  It took Facebook years and millions of dollars to become profitable!  Same with Amazon!  So I gave myself a break and bought things I needed like proper tape, bags etc. and even a $20 printer LOL.  And ya know what else?  I bought a couple of bins of clothing super cheap that I probably won’t get much money for because I didn’t know what I was doing (I’ve never been interested in fashion).  I decided to forgive myself for buying the wrong stuff and I may just donate it back to the Goodwill!

I know how to get good stuff now so I can move on and make money.  I can usually double my money, at the very least.  I usually do even better.  It’s better than the stock market!

Hope none of that sounded like bragging.  Just happy to find something else I can do to make money that is actually fun.  Imagine that.

And here’s something funny.  Some of you may remember I was trying to learn how to do online marketing a few months ago and I couldn’t figure out how to do it…and gave up.  Well you can imagine my shock when I learned that one of the “gurus” that sells online marketing courses is actually selling on ebay now.  He says it’s his wife’s business but he’s not fooling me!   Guess I made the right decision!

Hope everyone’s doing good.  Thanks for reading and commenting.



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I'm a free-sleeper living in a van in the prettiest part of the world. I do this partly due to financial circumstances and partly because I love a good adventure.
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4 Responses to Lost My Password-and bigger room

  1. lucy says:

    It’s nice hearing from you & specially knowing your business finally took off; good for U girl, good for you & keep the good work !!

    My regards: Lucy.

  2. Ryu says:

    So, ebay selling is the future? Maybe you too can become a marketing guru.

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