Loneliness was strong last nite.  I think the main reason for that is that I spent an hour or so in a coffee shop before I went to bed.  I’m sure the sad music they play in those places is designed to make you feel bad so you will buy sweets and other food to go wityh your coffee.  We humans are so easily manipulated…and I’m no different than ayone else.  At least I am beginning to be aware of the little tricks now soI can ignore them.

I am in charge of my emotions.  AND I talked to no less than 2 family members and 5 friends.  I’m not exactly living in solitar confinement here! So my so-called loneliness was only the manufactured kind.  Good to remember.  When I went to the gym at 830 in the eveninbhg a couple of times this week, took yoga, soaked in the hot tub took a long shower, i didnt feel lonely at all. Probably because the music the,, is upbeat.  It doesnt hurt that the yoga tires me out either.

In think it is important to look at these situations from time to time especially if we are a little prone to emotionalism from time to time.  I dont want some nameless, faceless corporate entity deciding how I should feel.

One more thing. When it comes to parking at nite

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  1. Ryu says:

    Music can be dangerous. It’s like a drug. Gyms are always having something in the background going on, whether music or some TV on.

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