It’s a Movement

This post is dedicated to M who has knit her way into my heartelitatt / Foter / CC BY

This article (Thanks L) talks about the wealthy 20 somethings who HAD IT ALL and still weren’t happy so they gave up all their stuff and live simply now.

That’s a lot sexier (and therefore picked up by Time Magazine) than all the poor people who NEVER had anything and just live simply.  Or all the 20 somethings who will never have anything so will make due with less.

It”s all good though.  Things don’t make me happy, never have.

Although, if you take up a hobby (like knitting, for instance), you might have to buy some things for it.  And I see nothing wrong with that.  I may seem extreme, living in a van but if I am using something, it stays.  You just have to make sure you actually DO the hobby.  If you haven’t done anything with it for say….a month….unless there’s a really good excuse, you should probably give the things away.

And I DO still have a5 x 5  storage unit full of boxes of stuff.  There are a few with my skinny clothes them, for instance.  I actually might need those soon so I think it’s okay that I kept a few of them.

More about that in my next post.

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I'm a free-sleeper living in a van in the prettiest part of the world. I do this partly due to financial circumstances and partly because I love a good adventure.
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3 Responses to It’s a Movement

  1. geezer says:

    Then there are people out there that recycle sweaters by unraveling them and then knitting new items

  2. geezer says:

    Only YOU can fix that conundrum ;p

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