So I confessed to a friend today that I’ve gained some weight over the last year.  Quite a bit actually.  And I am ready to do something about it.

It is difficult but I’ve got a plan.  First, I will get whatever free, AND healthy food I can from SOS and the churches that do dinners.  This is sort of a panning for gold operation. 

SOS (God love ’em!)  gives out a lot of bread and deserts.  Bread and desserts have almost NO nutritional value with lots of calories.  I’m also sensitive to flour products.  They makes me break out and give me stomach problems (if you know what I mean).  I also can’t eat dairy or soy producsts.   So I let them know my limitations at SOS and I usually get some of these things (not all on the same day), bottled water, fruit juice, almond milk, coconut juice, fruit, and cold cuts (but only once in a blue moon-not a dependable source) About half the time, the products I get are organic, which is awesome. 

Why are organic foods important?  It’s because there have been studies done that indicate that pesticides can contribute to bad health and obesity.  Google it for yourself. 

So at the church dinners (God love those kind Christians!) I am looking for meat.  It is usually kind of hard to find.  I’m not complaining just reporting.  I usually have to pick it out of spaghetti sauce or something like that but sometimes there is chicken, which I love! 

Anything that can’t be provided by SOS or the churchs I will use my EBT card for.  I get $189 a month for that.  Last resort-cash.

I don’t have a lot of cash and I have found that if I spend it all on food then I don’t have any for clothes (they wear out fast) car repairs or other things I need.  So I MUST try to live within the SOS,church, food stamp paradigm.  Do I WANT to do this?  NO.  But I feel I must. 

And it’s kind of advanced but I even feel like at some point I need to save money for the future.  These (SOS, church, EBT) benefits may go away and/or I may become sick or injured and not be able to work someday.  It is up to me as a responsible adult to prepare for such a day.  Yes? 

Oh and a friend mentioned that I could eat canned food but most of it is low nutrition…but I’m open to ideas for high nutrition canned food. 

Thanks for listening.

WAIT!  What has this to do with weight loss?  Well…if I’m not spending cash I won’t be eating fast food.  I’m sure that my (at least) once a day fast food eating has contributed to my weight gain.  I’m also going to eat as much organic food as possible.  Oh and I would LIKE to eat better meat but where can one get cheap, cooked, grass fed, antibiotic free meat?????

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7 Responses to Improving

  1. Erin says:

    When you use your ebt, I would get some water packed canned tuna. This is a potential source of inexpensive protein.

    • Maureen says:

      Oh yes, although tuna is messy and smelly to eat inside a vehicle. I DO eat it. Trouble is, fish should be eaten no more than twice a week because of ocean pollution.

      I eat the canned chicken sometimes too. Thanks for commenting Erin!

  2. RYu says:

    Women should be soft and cuddly.

    You might be approaching menopause. Many women gain weight during that time. Cortisol can contribute. The body makes more during times of stress. One has to learn how to relax and take it easy.

    Sometimes, how people train in the gym causes fat gain. Too much endurance work teaches the body to keep fat and burn muscle. Women in particular do too much endurance work and do not use enough weight when lifting. These are just things beyond the obvious.

  3. Lacy says:

    In response to: “I’m also going to eat as much organic food as possible. Oh and I would LIKE to eat better meat but where can one get cheap, cooked, grass fed, antibiotic free meat?????”
    There are many farms in California on the WWOOF site– work 1/2 day for free but get organic food and lodging in return. I’ve never tried it but would like to!

  4. Jane Doe says:

    Consider making protein shakes. It will probably be a $25-$40 investment up front for the powder (look up the difference btw Whey Powder and others and check out things like carb counts when choosing a brand), but it doesn’t need refrigeration and is easy to drink. Add the powder to water/coconut water/milk/almond milk etc. in a martini shaker or these new water bottles called “blender balls” which essentially have a ball inside to mix it all up and make it frothy. I suppose you can just stir with a spoon too since space is limited. It will help you shrink your stomach without sacrificing the protein needed for energy.

    • Me says:

      This is something I have thought about. I can’t drink any milk products (some of the powders are made with milk) but by now, I’m sure there are lots of alternatives. Thanks for the tip!

  5. Jane Doe says:

    Also I forgot to say that one large container of the powder yields MANY shakes so there is value once you look at the upfront cost/per meal.

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