I’m Okay – Not Really!

I was going to write about some boring stuff next (not boring to me, but maybe to you!) but then I started reading http://wanderingscribe.blogspot.com/ and now I don’t even want to bother writing anymore.  This woman….this sparkly goddess who lived in her CAR in the UK for a long time (not sure how long yet) can WRITE.  Oh my gosh, she’s amazing.  She even got a book deal because of her blog!  My writing seems so blaaaaaah after reading her stuff.  You should check her out! (just don’t forget about l’il old me okay?)

On a positive note, she inspires me.  Her writing makes me feel I need to dig a little deeper if I want to write something of substance.  I’m not a shallow person.  I have something to offer.  I just need to throw off the need to look okay all the time.  I don’t live in my van because I’ve had a perfect life.  I’m going to try to share what led me to this place and even speak of why I don’t want to live in a house right now.

Sometimes I’m afraid if I share my thoughts, they will be used against me to have me committed!  I know mainstreamers like to assume people like me are mentally unstable…should I make it easier for them to prove???  Ah well, if they put me away, I’ll luxuriate in their fancy mattressed beds and eat the food they cook for me!  I’ll make it work I tell ya!

Stayed tuned, the best blogging from me is yet to be!

About Maureen, Living in a Van

I'm a free-sleeper living in a van in the prettiest part of the world. I do this partly due to financial circumstances and partly because I love a good adventure.
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6 Responses to I’m Okay – Not Really!

  1. B says:

    Your writing is good enough that I’m still reading, and I don’t even know you!

    I hear you seeming to worry about being overstressed. You’re innovating a new way of living … no wonder you’re feeling stressed.

    You sound like a survivor to me, and that’s inspiring. You go, girl!

    • Maureen says:

      Thank you for your encouragement B. I’m innovating a new way of living…sounds so awesome when you say it that way! Please subscribe if you haven’t already!

  2. Marco says:

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  3. eyewrist says:

    Life substance comes with time. And with time comes wisdom. You just got out there so don’t feel the need to tell us EVERYTHING, everyday. Years ago I had a elderly woman who used to be a teacher explain the word serendipity to me in simple terms. She said it is a chain of “accidental” events that occur in your life to bring you to the point in life that you are suppose to be; that was planned for your life. You are just starting in this..stop worrying about so much and focus on your new experiences and how to handle each of them to the best of your abilities (along with the help of those on this blog/ forum) Do not be afraid.

  4. Maureen says:

    Thank you eyewrist!

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