I Don’t Miss Living in My Van

Ryu asked if I miss living in my van.  I don’t.  I do plan to always have a van though, just in case I need to again.

Every situation has its pros and cons.  Living where I do, I have more privacy than I used to and I’m sure I’m safer but sometimes NO frequently I worry about what my roommate thinks about me and my lifestyle.  It’s probably all in my head.  Imagine that!  Still, if my landlady decided suddenly that she wanted to sell her place, I’d have to find something as cheap or end up on the street.  And this place is pretty cheap.  She could raise my rent too.

It doesn’t do any good to whine about these things though.  I learned a few years ago that the middle class is disappearing and I have had to decide whether I’m going to be upper class or lower class. I’ve decided I want to end up in the upper class.  I like being able to decide where I live, what I eat, what I wear for clothing etc.

I may not make it to the upper class. Something bad could happen before I get there.  I’m going to try though.  I have nothing better to do.

Here’an article about how hundreds of (poor?) people are being force evicted from their rent controlled apartments.  I get motivated to reach for more when I read articles like this:


About Maureen, Living in a Van

I'm a free-sleeper living in a van in the prettiest part of the world. I do this partly due to financial circumstances and partly because I love a good adventure.
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5 Responses to I Don’t Miss Living in My Van

  1. Angela says:

    I hope you make it to the upper class too Maureen, I really do.

    Personally, I know I never will. Too many obstacles, not enough time.

    Up here by Seattle, we have a city declared homeless emergency. Same reasons as Silicon Valley. Microsofties and Amazonians with enough money to pay for the now rare decent downtown housing.

    For me, I don’t much want a transient lifestyle, campground to campground, but anywhere there’s cheap enough land, there’s a lot of downsides to the climate or social services.

    It’s okay I guess. I have a very clean lifestyle (no substances of any kind) so that is in my favor. I still have all my teeth. I can actually pass pretty well for middle class-ish in a Boho chic kind of way.

    So I doubt I’ll ever go hungry or naked or have to sleep cold and wet or some such thing like those poor folks sleeping rough around here.

    When you make it to the top, let us know how you did it ‘k? 🙂

  2. lucy says:

    Analysis: A ) 1 % of the world population is owner of 90 % of all riches. B ) 99 % of the world population partake 9 % of the remaining total of riches…
    Question: What are the probability for Angela, Lucy & Maureen to become wealthy ?
    Answer: For either one of us to ‘ go up to the top ‘ it would ONLY be possible if we hit the lottery !!
    Hitting California lottery: 1 chance in 46.000.000 !!


  3. Ryu says:

    The American dream is a swindle that will slowly be destroyed. Most adults will not achieve their dreams anymore. In time, cities like NYC and Frisco will only be populated by the rich.

    The rich know that many want to join them up in heaven. They also know that few will succeed. It is a good racket to control the gate to the upper class, and then to just siphon off the money and labor the middle class is giving in their hopes.

    All the “legal” paths to weath in the USA seem to rely on a great deal of time, work and luck. Even then, most don’t succeed.

    I think many of the middle class would be better off just downsizing and becoming poor. Then at least they’d have time for a life outside of work.

  4. Mama Jenn says:

    Don’t value yourself by how much you make. Value yourself by how many things you have that money can’t buy. You have experience and knowledge on how to survive on little and lots. You are a great person that works hard to be better. Do not become discouraged by what others say….you do you.
    I liked your last entry, I hope you take more chances to savor the blessing that is a(usually) non-moving home. It took some time for me to adjust to going from my Suburban, to a mobile home on a campground, to a literal home with people that usually stay in the same place dwelling wise and actually want to TALK to you and get to know you.
    Breathe it in, soak it up, enjoy it! Who cares what anyone else may think.
    Blessings to you!

    • Maureen, Living in a Van says:

      Thanks for writing Mama Jenn. Truly I dont value my worth by how much money I make. It’s just that I have realized that a lack of money can put one in bad situations. So many of us have felt we were too good to think about money. If all good people do that we are going to be in a heap of trouble when the bad people take over.

      Money is just a tool and we need it if we don’t want bad people contolling, even enslaving us.

      Look at the McDonald’s workers begging for raises! That’s no way to live.

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