Hurt My Back!

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Photo by stevendepolostevendepolo / Foter / CC BY

Photo by stevendepolostevendepolo / Foter / CC BY

The rich guy’s wife asked me to do a type of work I don’t normally do last week and I pulled something in my back.  I thought it was getting better then I relapsed yesterday.

It kind of makes me mad.  I don’t advertise….”hey I’m desperate….I’ll do any shit job you can think of”  She sprung it on me.

I should have said no.  I will learn to say no.

Ok, so this is the motivation I need to start working out at the gym.  I don’t like being crippled.  I’ve experienced relatively good health for most of my life.  Recently I “cured” my tennis elbow by simple stretching my arm muscles a bit every day.  It took me under 5 minutes a day and about a week for it to work.  I’m not sure it this injury is ready to be stretched or not.  I’m sure it’s a muscle.  My body is telling me to rest BUT it hurts to lie down or sit down!  I’m most comfortable standing up!  Funny huh?  I’m using advil and will try to put a hot patch on it tonight.  I’ve got a couple laying around.

The pain makes me think everything is awful…but I know it will pass.  Many great athletes have horrible knee blowouts etc. and come back better than ever.  Course, they’ve got the best surgeons available.  Still, this isn’t so bad.  I will overcome!

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5 Responses to Hurt My Back!

  1. geezer says:

    I once napped in front of a open window in January , back to the window.
    When I woke up , it felt like I’d had a glass rod shoved up my spine …..then smashed.I went to a chiropractor , for a treatment ( 1rst time ) but nothing was gained by it. All I could do was sleep on my back on a carpeted floor , for two frikkin’ weeks , before I could go back to work.
    So three suggestions , go see a doctor ( he’ll only give you pain relief ) , sleep on something firm ( instead of that two foot feather mattress ) (;P ) , and start stretching exercises ( to the point of pain and no further ) with lots of warm ups before hand.

    I might also suggest getting a back brace belt for when you need to do heavy duty shit ( just don’t depend on it ).

    And at ( oohh , let us say ) 30+ , conditioning is more critical , if only because to GET into condition is a far steeper road the older you get.

    End of sermon

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