Housing for me? Immediately?

I just got a call from my Angel.  I thought she had fogotten about me.

She wanted to know if I could come by her office within the hour because the people she works with wanted to put me up in a hotel (short term housing) and get me signed up for employment and long term housing with them. 

I guess she had forgotten (she probably works with a lot of people) that I housesit to make money so it wouldn’t be good for me to acccept a hotel voucher right now.  And I couldn’t really get away within the hour anyway.  I guess these folks are used to people who don’t have any work or obligations that can just get to their office at any time and are THRILLED to get to sleep in a hotel.  (I would be thrilled too, if I didn’t have my van to sleep in)

I’m not the first person to say this, but government programs don’t appear to be designed for working people.  It will be interesting to see if my Angel continues to try to help me or if she figures I’m fine, even though I live WELL below the poverty line.  It feels weird turning down help.  I told her I was grateful and that I am still interested in long term housing.  I’m going to see her again next week.

Again, it’s been said before but our Angels, those that like to help others, seem to cater to those that are helping themselves the least.  I understand.  It used to tear my guts out sometimes when I’d see a homeless old alcoholic on the side of the road and I’d think, “no one cares for him”.  Then I found out that LOTS of people (at least around here) care about alcoholic/addicted people.  It’s just that these folks often aren’t willing or perhaps able to help themselves. 

It may or may not be their fault.  I have seen people wreck some pretty good opportunities though.  They don’t seem very good at follow up.  This may be because the drugs/alcohol but there ARE other conditions that cause memory loss too.  Sometimes, maybe they are too tired to make their appointments.  I know if I didn’t have SOME food money I wouldn’t feel very good.  I need a decent amount of meat, daily.  Peanut butter and other nuts don’t seem to give me the energy I need to carry on.  And I’m a woman.  I can’t imagine how a man with no money is going to feel energetic enough to do much of anything.  Then of course, drugs will look even more attractive, if he is so inclined. 

And no vegetarianism isn’t the answer.  You need to eat a certain way for that to work and have a LOT of vegies, cooked rice or beans and so on.  These guys don’t have much access to cooked vegetables and/or rice at all.

I know I sound terribly critical of the services that I have been taking advantage of.  Please forgive me if you are one of my Angels and know that I DO appreciate you.  I just see so much more than I used to.  I KNOW some of these people now, rather than just seeing them on the side of the road.  I feel I’m in a unique position to know what they need more help with.

Please comment if you want to “yell” at me or if you have more thoughts on the matter.



Before investing money in a business one has to try to determine what the ROI or Return on Investment will be.  For instance; in my line of business, would it be a good investment for me to spend a million dollars on advertising this year?  (assuming for a moment that I’d won the lottery or something)   Unless I had the infrasructure to handle the amount of business  a million dollars of advertising would generate, it would be a very poor use of my investment dollars. 

I think it’s the same with helping people, in my opinion.  Funds are limited yes?  Wouldn’t it make sense to gear programs toward working people? 

Who am I though?  Just a homeless bum! 

Maybe when I’m not homeless anymore I can try to help people who are more like me.

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I'm a free-sleeper living in a van in the prettiest part of the world. I do this partly due to financial circumstances and partly because I love a good adventure.
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2 Responses to Housing for me? Immediately?

  1. Ryu says:

    No yelling here. Sounds like she wants to end your free sleeping adventure.

  2. Gypsy Purl says:

    Why yell at you when everything you are saying is true. Most resourses are for emergency or poor, needy individuals but then you always have people who abuse these gifts. It’s a sad but true thought , “It takes all kinds.” Stay safe in your travels.

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