These trees leave a beautiful carpet on the ground for us to walk on!

I got my bloodwork done this morning.  I will get the results next week when I go to get my physical.  Hopefully no surprises!  I always watch the person taking my blood to make sure they use a fresh pair of gloves for me.  Once, years ago, I gave blood for people in need and the girl taking blood wasn’t changing her gloves in between blood donors!  Hello, I came here to GIVE blood, not GET a disease.  When I asked her to change her gloves, she looked at me like I was crazy.  What a jerk.

Anyway, this nurse today (a guy) was great.  Everything was in order.  I like that.  The needle didn’t even hurt going in.

I was in a great mood after I did this because it went so well.  Life seems so good and full of promise sometimes.

Next order of business is getting my business onto google places.  A friend said I could use his address but I think I wrote it down wrong and it’s not working.  Guess I will do it tomorrow if I don’t forget.  My mind is alway abuzz with different interests and ideas so it’s hard to remember all the boring stuff I have to do.

I’m still looking for names for a homeless weightloss blog to document my (hopefully) weightloss journey.  I want it to be memorable and something referring to weighloss and the fact that I am considered “homeless” in the title.  This is a tall order but I’m willing (for once) to take some time and think about it before rushing in.  I might start writing as I feel inspired but not posting the articles until I have the name and the blog set up.

I also need to work on social media for both my regular business and this blog.  This includes Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Reddit for now.  I would like to be on snapchat and instagram but i think you have to put apps on your phone for those to work.  I get tired just thinking about it.  Part of it has to do with having so many usernames and passwords to keep track of.  Wherever possible I make them the same but you can’t always do that.  It’s so exhausting.  I know I should have one place that I keep them all and I try to but I keep losing track of them anyway.  My memory is scary bad sometimes.  Seriously.  I don’t know if it is a physical or mental problem.  I need a good camera too, I think, for photos.  I can’t steal other people’s stuff forever.  Lots to work on!

Here’s a photo of a little friend I made yesterday, taken from my flip phone.  I adore squirrels.  Their tails are cute and the way they eat is cute.


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3 Responses to Housekeeping

  1. geezer says:

    Google the phrase ” Password Manager” , store the program on a usb stick along with the passwords database

    • Me says:

      I lose usb sticks. I don’t trust online password managers.

      • geezer says:

        I don’t trust online storage in any form
        I’ve seen them ( usb ) made into ear rings , or keychain fobs , pens , and possibly finger rings. So short of losing body parts ….

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