Honey and Vinegar


You might remember a while back I wrote about a woman who is having a hard time and who I though might get more help for her situation if she were sweeter.

This morning at the church, I had another encounter with her.  Some horrible woman (I’d like to know who), messed up  the handicapped stall in the ladies room.  And I mean, messed up…with poo.  I’ll say no more on THAT topic.

So the woman had an absolute hissy fit and I TRIED to help her.  I got her some toilet paper (she said she needed some) and I let the men who run the place know what was going on.  I offered to put on a pair of gloves and clean up the handicapped stall so that this woman (who has a disability) could use the bathroom.  They turned down my offer BUT they ushered me into another bathroom (not open to the public) on the property so I could go to the restroom and brush my teeth.  It’s amazing what happens when you are nice.  I wish more women could see this.

The disabled woman threatened to sic the ADA (Americans with Disabilities people) on them.  Does she not realize that a church is private property and they don’t HAVE to do anything?  She keeps this up, and I’ll bet they kick her out like they kicked out The Cobra.  Some would say she must be mentally ill.  I think she’s just stubborn and thinks someone owes her.  I’d like to see her try that crap in Mexico.  She’d get her butt kicked.

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  1. geezer says:

    So , in the process of getting back to basics , you’ve found a subject we can sink our teeth into ?!?!

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