Homelessness-One Man’s Story

A friend related the story of a man who has been homeless for around a year.  He sleeps outside.

The man admits to drinking alcohol.  Still, he always held down a job.  He had been with the same company for 14 years when they went out of business.  The man collected unemployment for a couple of years and at the age of 53 decided that his options were limited and that he really wasn’t interested in the jobs that MIGHT be available to him.

So now he collects bottles and cans for money.  He doesn’t do it all day or everyday.  He gets enough to cover his alcohol needs (a $12 bottle covers him for three days) and any other small needs he might have.  He eats and showers at the free places.  And he keeps to himself.

The environmentalists should be very happy with him.  He has a very small carbon footprint.  Something tells me thought, that they wouldn’t come near him.  He’s probably too dirty for their taste.

What do you, my readers, think of a man like him?  Do you think he’s a scumbag for not going back to work?  I think he is just tired, like I was.  Tired of being treated like a relaceable cog in a machine.  When he collects his bottles and cans, he’s his own man, on his own terms.

Nothing wrong with that.

As far as “taking free food” goes, most of the food at these places is donated.  I also heard a preacher the other day saying that the church often has to throw food away…there’s too much.

I don’t have a problem with this man getting free leftovers.  Not while there is so much corruption in high places.  You want to judge someone, judge those greedy bastards instead of some depressed homeless guy.

About Maureen, Living in a Van

I'm a free-sleeper living in a van in the prettiest part of the world. I do this partly due to financial circumstances and partly because I love a good adventure.
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3 Responses to Homelessness-One Man’s Story

  1. Lucy says:

    Talking about greedy bastards… have U heard of the FIFA scandal ? That’s heavy stuff & has been going on during the last 20 years at least !!

    Have a good weekend, feel better… lots of resting, lots of water + chicken soup.


  2. darin caster says:

    I found your article intriguing, I am too homeless and not proud of it. society judges the indigent, saying that homeless are lazy, and drunkards. They may be true for some but not all. I respect this man for not blaming others for his downfalls, and not asking for a hand out. I don’t think hes a scumbag, probably very tired and sick from the type of lifestyle that’s been accustomed to and working all those years. The garbage in our society are the politicians, who get criminal charges dismissed because of their stature,and a lot of americans think they are great. I think your a brave and wonderfull person for having this blog, even if I was succesfull, and not in the situation Ive put myself in I would read your blog. Maybe he needs more encouragement from others instead of frowns and judgement.

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