Home Sweet Van!

Last night was my first one back in the van.  It was good and bad.

I didn’t anticipate that taking out the bench seats would cause a light problem.  Before, the benches made shadows in the van behind which I could hide.  I spent a rather long time last night trying to find a spot where the glow of the streetlamps didn’t illuminate my whole mattress!  I imagine I’ll figure it out eventually.  I hope.  I finally found a decent spot but I laid there a long time before I fell asleep and I kept waking up.  I had a scary dream about the police coming at one point.  In the dream, I was sneaking away (somehow) when the cops brought in the (drug sniffing?) dogs.  Then I woke up.  Well at least the cops didn’t get me.  I’m more afraid of cops than bad guys.  I can use a weapon on a bad guy but a cop can have my van impounded.

I’m probably going to get some “real” window covers soon.  Will help with the shadows and help me not feel so exposed.  I was hanging clothes in the window before but I think that looks too obvious.  I probably won’t get curtains…again, too obvious.  I’ll probably get some sort of cheap shades that suction onto your windows.

Okay, the good part.  The air mattress is almost as comfortable as a regular mattress.  It felt good stretching out in the van.  Totally worth pulling the bench seats out for!!!

Do I like van living better than living with T and J?  No, but I don’t feel like a mooch.  Even though T and J always told me they enjoyed having me stay with them (and I found out they have had other people stay at their house for free before, they seem to enjoy it) I couldn’t help but feel like a mooch.

The thing I have to be careful of is to not go into lazy mode.  I made some decent progress job and money wise while I stayed at T and J’s and I need to keep the momentum going.

My Avon business is plugging along.  I have a shortish term goal to earn (to start with) $500 a month at it.  This means I have to sell around $650 worth of products every two weeks.  A tall order for a newbie but I’m going to try to get there.  I probably sell around $200 every two weeks at this point.  I just need to build up my clientele.  Avon recommends I approach three women (sorry guys!) a day about the Avon products or the opportunity (to be a representative).  One day I actually did it!

I’ve been working more at my other jobs too.  It’s nice to not have to worry too much about money and save for van fixing.  I might FINALLY bring the van in this week to be worked on.  It’s amazing that the poor thing still runs.  It has over 180,000 miles on it and it’s American made (sorry Amurka).

Once I get the van fixed, I will give some serious thought to moving the van up to where my friends live.  Well actually, I’m already planning to do it in 2012.  The question is when.  I suppose if I REALLY built my Avon business up, I wouldn’t have to worry about work up there but let’s be realistic.  I could come down once a week to deliver products to my customers but I would need work at something besides Avon.  Maybe nothing too grueling though.  I THINK I would eventually like to make Avon my career.  In time.  So I can’t have a job that takes all my time and energy.

Wow!  I wrote a book today.  Weird how being in the van makes me write more.  Probably getting lonely already.  Thanks again for reading!

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I'm a free-sleeper living in a van in the prettiest part of the world. I do this partly due to financial circumstances and partly because I love a good adventure.
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