Happy New Year!

I’m not as religious as I used to be but it’s funny how this time of year produces a conditioned response in almost everyone.  What I mean is, when the lights are strung up and the Christmas music plays, we all act a certain way.  It’s mostly a good thing.  People smile more and wish each other well.  Some people turn into monsters of course.  For me, I think I’m a fairly kind  and friendly person all year and the Christmas season makes it more acceptable for me to act this way.  Leave it to me to analyze Christmas huh?

My New Years Goals are the same as always.  Lose Weight.  Make More Money.  I’m pretty sure I will make more money this year than last year.  I think I might lose some weight too.

I have already cut down on my food intake and I am not drinking soda (one day at a time).  I work out sometimes at the gym.  I ride a stationary bike….very slowly.  I don’t want to overdo it!  🙂  I haven’t even been upstairs yet at the new gym where the weight machines are.  I know the benefits of working out with weights but never feel enthused about it.  I NEVER want to do squats.  I was told years ago that they are bad for your knees.  I am seeing a lot of people MY AGE getting knee and hip replacements so I think it best to continue not doing squats and other extreme (to my mind) exercises.

I have a schedule I am trying to stick to for 2016.  Here it is:

6-7 am  Eat Breakfast

7-830 Workout and Shower at Gym

830-9   Go to Storage/Get rid of bedding/clothes etc.  Turn sleep van into work van

9:00-10   See if I can get anything edible/nourishing at the local food pantry.  Usually I get a bag of bread and desserts but once in a while I get something useful

10   Work on Computer.  Paid WORK only.  I am actually not supposed to blog here until the weekend because I don’t make any money from it (except a few cents a day from the ads)

11-5 (or earlier)  My main job.  If I have help I finish earlier.  I eat lunch on the go.

5-6   Eat dinner, preferably at the healthy grocery store.

6-7 Do more paid computer work

7-730  Go to storage to get bedding/clothes etc.

730-10 relax.  OR (I plan to) go to meetups groups some nights (once or twice a week?) to network or something.

Does this look like a good plan for a weekday?  It’s sad that I have to drive everything…my storage (like a closet), my shower, my kitchens (restaurants), but I figure, if I had a house or condo, I’d probably spend a lot of time daily cleaning it.  I figure washing dishes alone must take about an hour day unless you rinse and throw them in a dishwasher.  Not to mention dusting, vacuuming, cleaning sinks, toilets, tub and so on.





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