Ryu wrote this comment:  In fact, I just read about a jazzy term for driving people crazy by harassing them in such a manner – gangstalking. Some guy said that he went half-mad during it. In Community, No-Touch Torture (ICNTT). I looked at the site and didn’t know what to make of it.

I looked this up and found this site.  Very interesting.  What kind of sick bastard does something like this?

From the site:

ICNTT is a CIA Program of Mind-Control funded by the US Government.

Do you know someone who is being stalked by strangers, being vandalized often, hearing private things from their life talked about in public?

Okay so we are getting into a super-weird study now.  Is it possible that the CIA would want to mind-control a bunch of ordinary people?  What would be the motivation for this?

I have met, in my travels, a handful of people who said that they were being stalked, vandalized and heard their private lives made public BUT at this point without further evidence that this is government mind control, I would have to conclude (based on what they told me about their lives) that these folks have ALLOWED bad people and philosophies into their lives.  They have opened themselves up to attacks from humans, demons and their very own minds. What opens their lives up to this evil?  Drugs, alcohol abuse, inordinate interest in evil religions and practices (even something as seemingly innocuous as a Ouija Board) sexual incontinence and other uncontrolled fleshly appetites.

I don’t want to be arrogant about this though.  There’s a chance that the government would want to go to the trouble of almost fully controlling the minds of certain individuals.  An army of mindless zombies could come in handy at some point, I suppose.

Okay….now you all think I’m crazy for sure!!!  🙂

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5 Responses to Gang-Stalking

  1. Ryu says:

    I think it’s good to read weird things. Sometimes they are true. Do you remember TwoDog – the old man who living in a van in the desert? He spent a few years at Area 51 and wrote a newsletter.

  2. Ghost Wolf says:

    You’re probably too young to remember MKUltra. Government sponsored mind-control programs that used UNwillingly people from society to experiment on.
    But that’s OK. One day, everything hidden will be revealed.
    (Like when Bill Clinton admitted to gov mind-control programs)

    Am I crazy? Depends on who you ask.
    Do I care? Not hardly.

    However, thanks for visiting the site.

  3. says:

    “Gang-Stalking | Living in my Van” was indeed quite engaging and
    beneficial! In modern society honestly, that is tricky to do.

    Regards, Jennie

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