I’ve been thinking lately about how messed up it is that I have to worry every night about getting hassled by neighbors and/or the police for parking my privately owned vehicle on a public street and sleeping in it.  I honestly worry more about self righteous neighbors and cops than I do about criminals trying to get in.

I actually found my own city (well the one I used to rent  a condo in) referenced in a forum somewhere as a city that is known for hassling people that were sleeping in their vehicles.  I think the reason for this is fear.  The “homeless” are seem a certain way….and I blame television for a lot of the way we are perceived.  I have seen very few TV shows that shed a positive light on van or car living, camping out, etc.  I have seen a couple of good shows about RV living but the shows are mostly about middle or upper middle class retired people.  Of course, I hardly ever watched TV so I may have missed a few shows.  (let me know!)

Anywhere, here’s a blog that inspired me a few (couple of?) years ago.  The guy was a college student who wanted to have an adventure.


About Maureen, Living in a Van

I'm a free-sleeper living in a van in the prettiest part of the world. I do this partly due to financial circumstances and partly because I love a good adventure.
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  1. Maureen says:

    Hi Ryu, perhaps I am too paranoid and I may never have any problems. I guess it’s just the IDEA that I could be hassled. It shouldn’t be illegal to park your vehicle on a public street and fall asleep, wouldn’t you agree? I shouldn’t have to worry about anyone seeing me run to the back.

    I wouldn’t want to park on private property. THAT’s illegal. Also, noisy and there are too many people around.

    You’re right, most people aren’t going to bother worry about my van. It’s just those one or two jealous(?), frightened(?) people that us vehicle dwellers have to worry about.

    Is anyone getting sick of my worrying yet?

    • When I was a kid and would go into Port Gibson, MS (a very small town), I’d see a large, white older Cadillac that was the home of a retired homeless WW2 veteran. I can’t remember his name now, but we all knew him and his car. He parked in front of churches on the main drag through Port Gibson (Highway 61) or down near the river. We all knew he lived in his car and honestly didn’t think anything about it. Even with all his stuff piled up in the back seat, he just seemed a normal part of the back scene of a very small hick town in southern Mississippi in the 60s, 70s, and 80s. It wasn’t good or bad or lowering the property values of the houses he parked near sometimes. When his old Cadillac wore out, he got a new one, so we knew he had an income. I figure VA checks and he worked odd jobs here and there. He wasn’t mean to anyone, didn’t drink and cause useless trouble, and us kids always called him ‘sir’. It’s how we were raised. I heard he died about twenty years ago. RIP, sir.

      If people have to live out of their cars and they are basically good citizens with no criminal history, why not let them park on the city street and get some sleep? Rested people are happy people and are less likely to have car wrecks or get in trouble with the police.

    • Ryu says:

      Well, there are many things that “should” be. A man can accustom himself to the world as it is, or as it should be. The way I figure it, in a short time a switch will flip and it’ll be more profitable to just let things happen than to worry. There’s two minds: one that says I am in perfect control of all things, the other, that whatever’s going to happen will happen. Hard to balance the to.

  2. Ryu says:

    There are ALOT of good hiding places that you could find. In the Southwest, there are many apartments and complexes. Of course, there are always signs that “Trespassers will be ticketed.”

    But with no guards, no one is going to tow your vehicle unless there is very good reason. If a person had 20-30 places in a city, one could rotate spots every few days. This is in non-gated communities.

    Most people are focused on living their own lives. Why take time out of my day to call in a strange van, don’t I have enough to do? I will have to look around and find someone who has done this for 10+ years. I know Tynan has done it for awhile but he has an RV.

  3. Too bad all the once homeless but now rich and famous celebrities can’t join together and perform a benefit concert show to help the homeless living in their cars. If they can get together for a massive concert to feed the starving masses in some other country, why not help the homeless in cars in their own backyard?

    “We are the world…” Well, America is part of the world, too, you know.

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